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  1. Felt greasy and itchy all day with it. Though it does seem to get rid of flakiness and keep makeup smoothly on. It just doesn't work well with me, especially during Summer.
  2. I agree with the theory that it's mostly a confidence issue. But here's a breakdown. Naturally, people are drawn to and appreciate attractive people. This includes people with simple symmetrical features and pleasing proportions and not who has the best rack/booty. These things make you attractive, but confidence makes you glow. It's a far more attention-getting in a positive way than facial symmetry and flawless skin. Flawless skin is just an accessory, it doesn't take attention awa
  3. I'm sure it will look lovely but omg, I'm wincing over here thinking at what it will do to your hair. Pantene has an awesome intensive conditioner. Buy it, use it, love it. It will be your friend for the next few months.
  4. I thought Bare Minerals was breaking me out. I don't know anymore. My only solid gripe with their product is lack of shades. They all have such a pink tone to them and it's really unflattering to me. I keep trying to like Everyday Minerals, but I'm not having a lot of luck with their product. It slides off my face and does not offer the same coverage for me as BM. The finish is great on EM, though and the colors are amazing.. web site and customer service among the best I've ever experi
  5. Okay, so Siouxie has helped me with color, I have another issue with EM. Lovely coverage but after 3 hours of wear it slid off of my face. I used: Clearasil Sensitive Deep Clean Cream Cleanser Clean and Clear Sensitive Astringent Clean and Clear SA 2% Gel Zhen Moisturizing Oil Control Gel (Mostly Aloe and Green Tea) I put on EM Sunlight concealer and then kabuki'd my foundation on... 2x. It wouldn't stay on my face in the T-Zone. Lovely coverage on the rest of my face (if not a little off in
  6. Just got my shipment of EM Samples and I'm so bummed. I didn't pick the right shades. I have -Fairly Light (too pink/brown) -Light Neutral (chalky, too light) -Light Olive (too yellow, a little dark) I'm more yellow than the first two and less yellow than the last. Any suggestions of what I should do? Also having oil/shine issues. Is intensive better or matte? Please help me out. I want to love this makeup.
  7. Changed my mind. Routine Clearasil Deep Cleanse for Sensitive Skin Day Clean & Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment (2%SA) BE Skin Rev-er Upper EM Foundation and Blush Night TONER (not sure which one yet) Clean & Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment (2%SA) Started this last night. Immediate improvement, but we'll see. Thanks for the input guys. Please let me know if you know anything negetive about these products.
  8. I would still use Neutrogena Wax-Free Mascara (this stuff is inbelievable), a bronzer (still looking for the perfect one), and avacado oil (Essential 7) for lips and brows. So wish I had perfect skin...
  9. I'm thinking of using the Biore line. Morning -Pore Cleansing Scrub -Pore Minimizing Lightweight Moisturizer SPF15 Evening -Pore Cleansing Scrub -Triple Action Astringent See what that does.
  10. Hi. I'm new to this board and I'm sort of new to acne. Here's my situation: -Hard little colorless bumps on my forehead -Blackheads on my nose -Occassional small whiteheads on nose and chin -Occassional small cystic blemishes on chin -Super oily zones at nose -Flakey skin (without treatment) at chin -Very sensitive skin (lots of treatments irritate) My cheeks and sides of my face are super clear. Does anyone else have this situation? I've tried: Neutrogena Gentle Cleanser Neutrogena Oil
  11. Thanks so much for your replies. I've tried Olay Complex Lotion for Sensitive Skin and found that it wouldn't absorb fully into my chin and nose area. Really frustrating, no matter how long I waited, it was like an oil slick. I have really sensitive skin, so very often I find that things for Oily Skin irritate. So my minerals make up just slides right off of those areas. Plus, DH pointed out that my color is TOTALLY off. Pink stripe down the side of my jaw line. I'm so embarrassed! Can't
  12. I'm a minerals cosmetic user and I have a -huge- problem finding a moisturizer that doesn't make my sensitive skin break out and that absorbs properly into my combination (sometimes very oily) skin. So if you use a minerals cosmetic, please suggest a daily moisturizer for: -oily skin (must be fully absorbed) -sensitive skin Also, please drop products that you like for evening.