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  1. I have taken all those tests with normal readings too. If someone knows a biochemist that wants to tackle this that would be great. Or a doctor they can show these forums too that would care enough to dive in. The doctors I have been to are stumped. They cant figure it out. There is however a logical reason why our bodies did this and are still doing it. I know this and you can try it yourself. I eat a restricted diet of wild caught fish, lots of fresh potatoes, canned beans, and an Orange a day
  2. Srry I have not responded in so long. I eat all whole foods only. Drink water. My hair has fully came back. Takes about 2 weeks until you start to see a real change with your hair. It will start to get fuller. After 3 to 4 months it will fully come back. I have not found any cure but to eat right like I said. This works if you can have the discipline. It sucks but works. The main thing that causes problems for me is the foods that are fortified with b vitamins. Which is almost everything it see
  3. Well I could post pics but the red spots that were really dry and flaking are almost completely gone on my head and face. I do also have a bald spot on two places on my head because my skin was so dry. I was loosing a lot of hair and have been for years. The bald spots had red spots that were flaking and really dry but they are gone. I don’t have any really noticeable hair growth yet but I know that my hair definitely has a chance to grow back now. I’m really happy about the dry spots on my face
  4. So I think I am onto something here and I wanted to share it. I found out by reading another b5 suffers post in a comments section that she believed she had developed an auto immune disease caused by excess b5. She also had all the symptoms from taking excess b vitamins including very dry skin and loosing hair and said she went to her doctor and they diagnosed her with an autoimmune disease called celiac disease. So after doing some research on the disease I decided to go gluten free. I have be
  5. @ blue Thanks for the update I can confirm selenium and iodine did nothing for me either. Gonna try a liver detox too. Could you please list everything you've tried. Thanks
  6. Have had the same problems for 7 years. I started taking b5 at a gram a day for about 4 months until I noticed it was drying my skin out and making my hair fall out and become very brittle. Still to this day if I drink any caffeine, sugar or alchohol it reacts bad with me and starts the process of my skin getting dry and my hair falling out. I have eaten clean for a while now and it helps a lot. It's hard to do but no sugar, alchohol, or caffeine and I feel great skin is nice and hair starts com