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  1. I did too but the cod liver oil I’m taking is definately helping. Not sure if it’s the brand or what but I’m sticking to it. Trust me I’ve tried everything for about 10 years nothing has worked like this. This is the exact same one I take. I ah e tried all sorts of different omega 3 with not good results too. This is the only one that helped me and the one my doc told me to take. Is def working for me. It’s just been really gradual over about 3 weeks before I noticed a real differe
  2. I had taken fish oil before and cod liver oil but the dosage was too high I think. I was taking about 1000 mg a day. It made things worse and bothered me. On this low dose and eating right I feel really good and my hair is coming in thick again!!! I would try to eat healthy and take a low dose. Drink water and eat good till your body resets itself. The cod liver oil I take also has a little vitamin d in it but I don’t think that matters. I take the Carlson brand.
  3. Srry it’s taken me so long to respond but I have been trying what my doctor asked for the last 4 weeks. I can’t believe it. It is working for me. I don’t wanna jump the gun here and say it what’s wrong but I had every blood test you can have done pretty much and all b levels checked, my hormones, liver, kidneys, and many more including hormone levels and it was none of those. All check out good. So my doctor and really good friend said let’s do an omega 3 check. My levels were rock bottom. I was
  4. Saw palmetto can have adverse effects especially for men. Causes excess estrogen possibly I think. I don’t think it’s just NOW brand either. If you look at reviews on amazon there are multiple people commenting on multiple different brands having the same issues we are. I think b5 works for most people but for some it has the opposite effects for some reason.
  5. I tried biotin too. I’m gonna do some more research on shbg And msm. Good theories by the way. I have also tried cysteine and carnitine with no luck. My doctor checked my thyroid levels and b vitamins levels and they are all are good. Still waiting to do more hormone testing. i just keep coming back to hormone levels and DHT because I’m thinking what would cause the hairloss and so drastically. Someone should take a hormone depressant or DHT depressant lol and see what happens
  6. If you go to Amazon and check the bad reviews on any brand of Pantothenic Acid you will find tons of reviews of people with hair loss and problems with skin. For some people B5 really hurts them. I am having thyroid tests done right now and just waiting on those. Next I’m gonna have hormone levels checked and adrenal glands. I really feels like it has something to do with adrenal glands but I’m definately NOT sure yet. They are so sensitive. Then gonna check All b vitamin levels. I’ve had b12
  7. Just quit taking supplements unless your doctor says to do so. You should be fine after only a few days of eating right and not taking it anymore you only took it for a little while. Exercise and eat right. What brand of b5 did you take? Thanks.
  8. Yes taking any b vitamins causes thinning hair and not good sleep for me. Is this how it is for everyone else? I am also going to see an endocrinologist in about a week and will update with results. 1/24 still waiting on appointment.
  9. I have tried supplementing with both. For me they seem to both cause the same problems. I have supplemented with all b vitamins individually and also as a B complex. All of these combinations Only made things worse for me. Could high cortisol levels be the problem? Some research shows elevated cortisol for prolonged periods of time can cause many problems including hair loss and regrowth. Excess cortisol can be caused by the adrenal glands or by the thyroid being overactive. These two thin
  10. I have taken all those tests with normal readings too. If someone knows a biochemist that wants to tackle this that would be great. Or a doctor they can show these forums too that would care enough to dive in. The doctors I have been to are stumped. They cant figure it out. There is however a logical reason why our bodies did this and are still doing it. I know this and you can try it yourself. I eat a restricted diet of wild caught fish, lots of fresh potatoes, canned beans, and an Orange a day
  11. Srry I have not responded in so long. I eat all whole foods only. Drink water. My hair has fully came back. Takes about 2 weeks until you start to see a real change with your hair. It will start to get fuller. After 3 to 4 months it will fully come back. I have not found any cure but to eat right like I said. This works if you can have the discipline. It sucks but works. The main thing that causes problems for me is the foods that are fortified with b vitamins. Which is almost everything it see
  12. Well I could post pics but the red spots that were really dry and flaking are almost completely gone on my head and face. I do also have a bald spot on two places on my head because my skin was so dry. I was loosing a lot of hair and have been for years. The bald spots had red spots that were flaking and really dry but they are gone. I don’t have any really noticeable hair growth yet but I know that my hair definitely has a chance to grow back now. I’m really happy about the dry spots on my face
  13. So I think I am onto something here and I wanted to share it. I found out by reading another b5 suffers post in a comments section that she believed she had developed an auto immune disease caused by excess b5. She also had all the symptoms from taking excess b vitamins including very dry skin and loosing hair and said she went to her doctor and they diagnosed her with an autoimmune disease called celiac disease. So after doing some research on the disease I decided to go gluten free. I have be
  14. @ blue Thanks for the update I can confirm selenium and iodine did nothing for me either. Gonna try a liver detox too. Could you please list everything you've tried. Thanks