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  1. If you want to take the risk and do it (after all, tats are nice) then make sure you are fully, 100% healed. Like, months and months past the wound kind of healed. Also, don't get a tat just because you want to cover something unless it's a tat you've already wanted and that spot is where you've always wanted it. Tatoo removal only scars you more.
  2. I was thinking the same thing as some people how you've been using it for years and your skin just broke out... Try the dermatologist maybe yours will have something to say. I hope your skin gets better! Woo.
  3. I'm taking amoxicillin right now, it's the only thing that is working for me. The best part of taking is it that it does not give me any stomach or headaches and I could eat it with or without food!
  4. I am actually taking amoxicillin right now and it is the only antibiotic that I have ever taken that works for me! I took it when I was three for an ear infection too. My face is cleared up; however, there are some acne on my body still, not as bad as before.