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  1. Hi, As i was very eager i searched the thread and found someone applying it during pregnancy. So statred it two days back. I feel my face looks better but i think too early to conclude. I hope i get good results by end of this week. Thanks Jen for giving us hope.
  2. Hi, I am pregnant and my acne has become worst. Even BP is not working. I would like to try urine but not sure if i should use it during pregnancy. Tried to search a lot on net but couldn't find anything. I am too embarrased to ask my gynac. If anybody has tried it during pregnancy so please share ur experience.
  3. I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties. The urine definitely shouldn't be drying out your skin, one of the main ingredients in urine is urea, which is a fabulous moisturizer. There is nothing in urine that should have a drying effect, so I suspect something else is going on with your skin. Urine isn't going to work for everyone, and if you are having such extreme problems at day three, I would seriously consider not continuing the regimen. Yes, i also think the same. I have to sto
  4. Hi Jen, On Day 3 i have no new acne, few active acne have also settled down but tiny clogged pores are being formed on my lower chin and on the right side of my eye 1 inch of my skin had become red/brown yesterday, i applied moisturizer, vaseline but still not gone. I can see some lines forming. I cannot describe properly but i think this usually happens when the skin has dried toomuch and its stretching. Not sure. Have u also faced any such problem?
  5. It should be having an immediate healing effect and certainly shouldn't be worsening. I think after 10 days there are only two possibilities...you aren't doing the regimen correctly or this isn't the answer for your acne. If you are using morning urine, three times a day and aren't seeing results I wouldn't continue to do it any longer. Unfortunately there are many different forms of acne compounded with many different skin types. If what you were using before is working, I would suggest goi
  6. Hi Jen, I would like to give it a shot but would appreciate if u confirm few things. How many times in a day we have to apply it? Do we have to stop BP, Deriva and all other medicines if we r doing urotheraphy? Can i continue with my face wash? How may days old and how it has to be applied on the face? What type of container should be used. A sterilised one or a plastic cup would do? Will it also cure the acne scars?
  7. Diary products: I have stopped having diary products from last three weeks and i feel a reasonable amount of reduction in getting acne. But i am really concerned about my bones. Lack of calcium may weaken them. Is it that we should take calcium supplements or there is anything else which can be added in the diet which is rich in calcium. Please advice. Fish: Which type of fish is good and not good for the sufferors of acne? Any advice. I am sure red meat, eggs and chicken are not good. Does a
  8. Thanks a lot for such a lovely reply. I would like to confirm can i have green tea once a day on daily basis. Also i am trying to leave diary for one week and would like to see a difference. What would u suggest should i leave milk and cheese but continue with having lassi (yogurt diluted with water)? I drink carrot juice everyday and eat 2 apples and 2 pears everyday. We put ginger and garlic in most of the foods. Spices cant be avoided much and it becomes too difficult to cook then. Isn't icec
  9. Hi, I am 26 yrs old and i recently got married. I have mild to moderate acne from 16 years old. By 20 my face got cleared and then in 23 it started agian and not stopped since then. From start ihad taken so much care about my diet. From 16 years i left eating choclates and drinking aerated drinks. Now after 23 i stopped eating non veg b'coz my dermatologist who gave me accutant told me stop it. Since then i stopped. By havving roaccutant my face got cleared in 1 month. But unfortunately i went
  10. Hi, i think u should go for a hormonal test. Several times hormones are teh issue. But dont worry i have acne sinnce 17 and now i am 26. Recently i got my hormones checked. I came to know i have PCOS so i am on diane from 4 months. Can't see any remarkable change but will not give up. There is no harm in getting the check up done. May be hormones correlation solves ur problem.