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  1. filling done one week after subcision. once swelling goes down you can do filling without bumps.
  2. I’ve decided not to do peels as I hyperpigmet easily, I live in Malaysia and did the treatment in Malaysia, used about 1cc filler each side, the filler brand is Neuramis from korea Improvement i would say about 70%, sometimes it looks like totally gone especially in the morning. For Deep FX the Dr used high power and low density. Even 1 treatment did so much damage imagine 5 . It’s just my opinion but I will not do any laser anymore
  3. AFter two treatments of Nokor Subcosion and Filling, Here's the update.
  4. i think 8-12 months is just nice for full rest, even after 3 months the newly form collagen is still fragile..it might take more than 6 months actually. Most of the scars are on same plane already, as per my knowledge, 2 - dimensional scars can be treated with deep peels or fully ablative erbium resurfacing...but for now i'm quite happy with this already as i dont want to take the risk of ablative procedures..i also notice that i can sustain filler longer by restricting facial expression i.e i d
  5. depends on the type of scar's really, rolling i would say almost 90%, boxcar 55%-65% roughly, ice picks < 20%. I will post the pics next month,
  6. 1week post Nokor, filling is tomorrow...this is round 2..From what I see so far, this might be my last round since most scars are on same plane even when the fillers has been absorbed. I will post photo 1 month from today (shouldn’t be any swelling) . After this I will give my skin 1-2 years break after to recover . After years of abuse(treatment) , I’ve developed dry skin , before this was oily skin.
  7. this is post 10 days, in 20 days time i will go for touch up(no subcsion just filling).. The Dr used volume filler right after nokor subcision for my temples, he said the purpose was to prevent retethering and to strecth out the fibroblast's for more connective tissue. The superficial filling for individual scar will be done in 20 days time. I think this might work because i heard alot of crackling and tearing sound while he subcise. Only time will tell....
  8. Quick update: After 3 dermarolling(2mm), 1 Nokor with fillers Note:Dermarolling only helped for surface scars, Nokor with fillers is the one that helped a lot
  9. Dr Davin has viewed my scars. This is the link in realself https://www.realself.com/question/singapore-sg-treatment-required-acne-scar-infini-subcision#5624712
  10. Thanks for the feedback , what fillers do you think the best for my temples? Voluma or lower G prime fillers which is more runny type?
  11. Btw i forgot to ask, do you really think i need tca cross based on the picture ? I cant seem to find ice picks, can you help me identifying it. The tca peel how many % u recommend for pigmented skin like mine? tnx
  12. How deep(mm) I should go with infini for my temples and cheeks??
  13. Yes, English is compulsory for every MD here. The INFINI will be same price even for foreigners, the co2 im not sure though
  14. No problem as we are on the same boat. It is important not to get scammed first so doing years of research is important. For the INFINI it is do 3 session free 1 total RM 3000. I know a Dr that does Total FX for RM 1500 also. Dr.Ananda Dorai
  15. I'm going for deal(x4), one session will never work. Those area are too fibrotic and only time and frequent energy delivery will soften/break the scar tissue. This is the reason why my single session of Deep FX didn't deliver results as expected.It's MYR 1400 one session
  16. 3 years makes sense. Btw, is it ok to do nokor subcision just right before my Infini treatment's??? Same goes for my tca cross? I.e I start every treatment (cross,infini) with subcision first. Is it too much of subcision or is it fine doing it?? For example: 26/9/17-Nokor Subcision followed by tca cross (2-3 session) 26/12/17- Nokor Subcision followed by Infini (4 session) 26/4/18-Nokor Subcision, Filling few days after the swelling goes down.Follow up every 6 months. Sorry for too much q
  17. So should it be just filling or filling with mini subcision(small gauge needle)?? Should I fill before my infini treatment or should it be the last step?? Tnx
  18. yes that right. Here's the facebook link for the clinic.https://www.facebook.com/DRSMedicalGroup/ BTW, what settings would be the best for INFINI?? is it low power high pulse or opposite??
  19. thanks for the input guys, Ive decided to start off with TCA CROSS (2-3X)-ice pick then followed by subcision with INFINI (with PRP) above and under (4X)-tethered,boxcar,rolling Finally subcision with filler-atrophic (missing dermal tissue) Filler act as a buffer and long term remodelling from INFINI This could take 8-12 months to complete and I will keep you guys updated. Any suggestion/alteration in my treatment plan mostly welcomed. BTW, anyone who wants to do INFINI treament wit
  20. Thanks for the input. Most of the PS in my country doesn't want to do anything involving dermatosurgery except subcicion. Is subcision with HA fillers alone enough for my temples?? If so is the results permanent or I need to refill? My main concern is my temples, I'll get my check sort d out later when I'm abroad.
  21. Tbh I'm not really sure whether it's fat atrophy or dermal thinning. But what is obvious is that most of my scars disappear when stretched. I've done deep fx before, minimal to 0 results. Do you think infini is better than deep fx?? Btw, if there's no tethering on my temples what will be the permanent solution. Tnx!
  22. Thank you very much for your opinion!! BTW, a plastic surgeon suggested me nokor subcision with fat for my temples and cheek area. Tca cross for ice pick and final step would be dermarolling for blending. Do you think i have fat atrophy? If so will I do well with fat ?? Most of my scars (90-95%) totally disappear when I stretch manually except for the two big boxcar on my left cheekbone area. Eliptical excision maybe for those who big scars?? P.s Deep fx 25 mj did nothing but only put me in p
  23. Hi everybody, Anyone please help me. I have done numerous amount of microneedling and 1 session of Total FX with minimal results. I have no idea what scars i really have and what treatment i must undergo to see improvement. My main concern is my temples and cheek bone area. It means alot to me if i can get some opinion here. Thanks alot