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  1. I'm looking for a recipe that provides the "realistic" look of fake blood without breaking me out. I doubt my face can handle red food dye. Any ideas?
  2. Whenever I lightly squeeze my nose, white strings come out all over my pores. Same for my upper lip. There is no pimples in these areas. Should I be squeezing?
  3. Just recently bought a bottle of Desert Essence Jojoba Oil at Trader Joes. Put 3 drops into my moisturizer at night. Next day, all of my pimples were deeply irritated and I received a few new ones. Should I continue to use this product or is it too harsh for my skin?
  4. Is there any ways to help dull down red marks and some inflamed pimples in 4 days? The only quick-fix that I've heard about is ice and it doesn't sound that effective. Any help is appreciated!! Tips for the dance would be nice too
  5. Shit My face just broke out again. Guess I'm back to being hooked on bp
  6. Sounds interesting. About the Kapha skin type, how exactly do you mix the apple in with the other ingredients? Do you just you the peel, core, the fruit part, or the whole thing? And what beneficial properties are in apples that help your face?
  7. I haven't applied Benzoyl Peroxide onto my face for a week............................. and my face looks better than ever! I have been using Benzoyl Peroxide for a year along with Alpha Hydroxy, honey/asprin masks and SPF moisturizer. My face looks vibrant and is not flaking or peeling anywhere. Any ideas on why this could be? And on a side note, in your opinion, what is the best exfoliator- Baking Soda, Sugar, or Asprin?
  8. Just a ?: What is the best natural mask for oily skin? And by a natural mask I mean things like honey masks, egg white masks, etc.
  9. No, you shouldn't put it only on your cheeks. The egg white lemon mask rejuvenates and moisturizes. There is really no reason to just put it all over your face. Plus the mask makes your skin slightly paler. It might look weird if the rest of your face was darker than your cheeks. I don't recommend trying to sleep with the mask on. It could make a mess all over your bed. And you really only need it on at most 30 minutes. Just my two cents after using the mask for a week
  10. I just started using the honey/asprin mask yesterday late at night. I mixed the honey and the dissolved aspirin together, put it on my face, and washed it off in 10 minutes. My skin looked and felt great afterwards!! But I do have a number of questions about using the mask. 1. Aspirin can be harmful to the stomach if you take too much. Is leaving three crushed pills on my face for 10 minutes bad for me? 2. I've heard of adding yogurt, oatmeal, cinnamon, and apple cider vinegar. Do any of thes
  11. I have mild acne. It's as simple as that. Nothing too bad, just a few pimples, a whitehead every now and then, and some red marks. But my acne literally controls my life and will do so in the future. My parents, both around age 50, have very bad acne. My dad is plagued with red marks, scars, and acne. His face is worse then mine.. My brother continuously gets pimples and white heads that are extremely prominent. My grandparents, ages 85 and 82, have acne. Most of my cousins have acne.
  12. Lately, to help my red marks fade and have better complexion, I have been using an egg white mask. I put on the mask, wait ten minutes, and wash it off. My question is, would there be any problems if I left the mask on for more then ten minutes, or even the whole night?