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  1. 3 MONTHS Post Accutane. Ok well I have continued to be amazed. I swear my skin is continuing to improve. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy I did this treatment. And I"ve been reading logs and having people ask me if my lips have stayed dry after getting off of it. THey are somewhat dry (NEVER dry looking) and I still put chapstick on regularly throughout the day. BUT PLEASE. I'll apply a little chapstick to NOT have cystic acne. If this is something you are worried about then your skin is obvio
  2. 2.5 months POST accutane HEy, I just wanted to show everyone how great accutane worked for me. When I was thinking about getting on it I really really liked reading other people's success stories. As you can tell it took awhile for accutane to work on me. It works quickly on some people, but not for everyone. I felt really overwhelmed at points cause I felt like it was just NEVER going to work. But it did. Hang in there if you are on it!! For some reason I can't figure out how to write
  3. Acne doesn't run my life anymore~!! I was on accutane for almost 6 months (actually claravis).
  4. Hey, I know how overwhelmed you are feeliig....believe me. I didn't really see much improvement until I got off of the medicine. I even had a HUGE cyst in my 6th month. But, I've been off of it for a month and my pores just look SO MUCH BETTER. I still breakout some, but not near as bad. The red marks and more prominent scarring is normal because of how dry your face becomes on accutane. They too will fade once off the medicine. Just hang in there. And if I could give you any advice, don
  5. 6 months (two weeks off accutane) Just hang in there everyone. Accutane will make a difference in your skin. I have had acne for 9 years and I am just now feeling relief. This past Easter weekend I let people see me without makeup (something I never felt confident enough to do before). I still breakout sometimes, but NO WHERE NEAR as bad as before. I am now working on scarring treatment, although I have to give my skin time to heal on its own before. Just try and keep a positive attitude a
  6. Around DAY 180 Well I just want to continue to follow up on here. Here is the deal with my skin. I am incredibly happy that I did accutane and it has helped tremendously with cysts and infections in the skin. BUT....the small bumps under my skin are still there in some spots. THey seem to continue to improve but they are still there. ANd if I squeeze them and stuff comes out they seem to go away in that spot. BUT, my face still has red marks and small bumps underneath. I cannot stress ho
  7. DAY 146 Well I am just about done with month five and other than lots of red marks, I'm doing pretty good. I talked to my docter yesterday and he agreed to let me do another month if I want to. Since I did have that cystic thing about a week ago I want to just do one more. ANd being that I'm 2000 miles away from him, he's going to prescribe the medicine if I get bloodwork done and fax it to him. That is Such good news since I thought I'd be forced to quit. And after coming all this way I do
  8. DAY 140 Well, I had a breakout this week. NOthing horrible, but I did get one cystic on my upper cheek. I cried because my skin had been steadily improving. Believe me it is MUCH better, but a few pimples popping up this late in the game is just frustrating. I have a few on my left cheek (just mainly redmarks because I sqeezed them) and a few on my right cheek (one cystic healing and one sorta cystic on my temple). And the scars..Ahhhhhhhh. I want so bad to do another month on this medicin
  9. DAY 134 Well it continues to improve. I still get a small bump here and there, but overall I'm REALLY impressed. I still have red marks on my cheeks but they continue to fade. I SERIOUSLY love accutane!!! I have not really started to notice a difference until about a week ago (well, a significant one atleast). DON"T FEEL DISCOURAGED WHILE YOU ARE ON THIS THAT IT WON"T WORK. It will work but some people just take longer to clear up. I have dealt with acne for so long that my pores were j
  10. Here are some before and after pics (up until now, Starting month 5). The first picture is from DAY 1 (the clogged pores were ridiculous in this picture and I could NEVER get the oil under control) The second picture is from DAY 60 and I was recovering from a REALLY bad accutane breakout. But, it brought all the clogged stuff to the surface and was necessary. The third picture is from DAY 120 and was the beginning of month 5. My cheeks really need to heal and I'll be happy. Also, I am ve
  11. DAY 126 Well my skin is getting better. I looked at my skin in the car window reflection and I could really tell how much better condition my skin is in. My pores are not all oily and congested and my face feels MUCH smoother. I still have lots of red marks and scars left, but I have to say I'm feeling SO much better about me! I still have about a month to go (my end date is FEB 14) but my docter may have me go another month...depending on my skin. I'm leaving the country on FEB 14 and I j
  12. Hey, have you thought of accutane. I've suffered with acne for A LONG time (years) and I have taken accutane for four months and have seen a dramatic difference. If it is bothering you that bad, check into it. I have had VERY FEW side effects and would easily do it over again if necessary. It is a STRONG drug, but I think it was worth it so far. Just wanted to give you more options. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I too went to several derms over the years and nothing seemed t
  13. Thanks for you support on my gallery picture. Good luck with your treatment. So far it has been worth it. I still breakout some, but I have one month left and it is MUCH better than before! Good luck!

  14. Day 122 Well, I have to say the red marks are fading in some spots. But, my upper cheeks on both sides were SO congested and are still purging. Because of the way I was prescribed medicine, I have two days left in month four and then I'm starting month five. I'm pretty disappointed that my cheeks still look like they do, but everywhere else is clear (still red when I get out of the shower though). I have one more month and two days to fix this. I'm leaving the country for a month in februa
  15. Hey, I'm in month four of accutane and use the glo mineral makeup. My docter said that this is fine and honestly I don't think I can survive without it. I even still use powdered makeup at this point in my treatment and it looks fine. I thought I'd have to switch to liquid foundation, but I haven't had to. Good luck with your treatment!!