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  1. I love the Dove bar for Sensitive Skin. They recently reformulated it to be almost exactly like the Original bar but without added fragrance. I tried the Basis Sensitive Skin bar and it dried me out. My face felt really tight.
  2. It's great to read about your results after seven weeks on Dan's regimen. I'm only in the middle of my second week, and I'm still breaking out, but reading logs like yours keeps me motivated because I can see that clearing up my acne will take time. Maybe the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Defense Lotion is what's making your complexion red. The AHA might be too much for your skin in conjunction with the BP. Did you ever try Complex 15? I've been using it for over a week and so far it's been workin
  3. Hi Lulubelle, Are you using any medicated products, like BP or salicylic acid, in addition to the MAC products, or are the MAC products helping your skin on their own?