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  1. i use dr forte II

    i just started and i wanted to know what it does for u?

    1. I found another study on BP and free radical damage/sun damage. Here That being said, I'm aware of the risks and I use it anyway. I use topical Vitamin C to try to counteract some of the damage. That and BHA keep my skin clear so I use it. Thanks for a great site Dan!
    2. After trying almost everything I thought I should share what has cleared my skin almost entirely. I've been using MD Forte Cleanser I This is the cleanser. and Sage 4% BHA Zerozits.com for about 5 weeks and the results are amazing. All drugstore products have 2% BHA and didn't work for me. The Sage BHA is the only product I know of that has a 4% concentration. If anyone knows of any others please enlighten me as this is a little pricey:) I still get one or two pimples around that time of the
    3. I've seen Bp in cleansers, I guess that qualifies as liquid. I think bp would be more effective as a leave-on treatment.
    4. It works ok for me, nothing miraculous. Just apply an oil-free lotion about 15 minutes after the repairing lotion to prevent dryness.
    5. The Neutrogena moisturizer for sensitive skin has petrolatum, try using the version for Combination skin. It's truly Oil-free.
    6. I've been drinking tons of water with Lemon juice for about a month and I see no change whatsoever. I started using Sage 4% BHA and that's helping unclog my pores.
    7. I only breakout out on my cheeks, which are the driest areas of my face and I always sleep on my side. It could be a hormonal thing too, but just to be safe I change my pillowcase every other night.
    8. That sounds fine, just make sure the Cetaphil is ok for acne prone skin. I read somewhere that the oil-free lotion has potential pore cloggers. I know for a fact the cream has oil. Check the ingredients here
    9. I also think the Stridex pads are causing your redness. Try to find another SA product without alcohol. You should also change your 10% bp to 2.5%.
    10. Those ingredients are HORRIBLE! Don't do it. I rotate Neutrogena Oil-free for combination skin and Murad skin perfecting lotion.