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  1. Day 18- BLACKHEADS Holy mother of blackheads I have no idea what is going on. I've basically NEVER, throughout my entire history with acne, had blackheads anywhere on my body. All of a sudden it seems as though EVERY SINGLE PORE along my nose/chin/chest/back is darkening and becoming a little bumpy (I'm assuming this is what a blackhead is). I really hope this is just the Accutane pushing all the bad stuff out because it is a little worrisome. My back and chest especially feel very rough and b
  2. Day 16- Improvement!!! Ahh I’m so happy! For the first time in like 7 years I don’t have to wipe my face every 10 minutes! My skin is staying consistently matte for a pretty long period of time without any visible oil buildup...I’m still shocked. I went from having to use 5-6 FULL oil absorbing pads every hour to barely 1. My initial breakout is also clearing up really well and my skin seems to be healing a lot faster. I’m still a little flakey but that tends to go away after I use AHA+ at nig
  3. Day 11- Still oily! Not much to add since my last update...still having crazy breakouts. Tons of whiteheads and pustules popping up around my chin, mouth, and jaw. My skin is still super duper oily (as usual!), which is kind of annoying I would've expected the medication to start drying me up by now...I guess not. I'm still able to use BP every night without much of a problem (although I'm flaking a little more now), so I'll continue with that for now.
  4. Hey! I noticed in your first post that you said you use La-Roche Posay moisturizer, and I had a couple of questions about it! I went on Amazon and I found several different types so I was wondering which one you specifically used. Right now I use Cerave Lotion which is working well but I'm thinking of maybe switching? Did the posay moisturizer work well for you/do you recommend it?
  5. Day 9- INITIAL BREAKOUT Okay today is the day I can undoubtedly say my initial breakout is starting I'm getting a bunch of inflamed whiteheads popping up in places that I haven't gotten acne in for a very long time (mainly my chin), and they seem to come to a head within 24 hours. I'm still desperately trying to apply BP however I'm definitely going to have to stop within the next couple of days. Using tons of lotion + jojoba, and constantly moisturizing my lips with Dan's Cortibalm. My skin
  6. Day 5- 600mg total It begins! I'm starting to feel the dry lips and I can definitely notice my skin flaking here and there. I am breaking out pretty bad along my jawline, but it's nothing too serious- just annoying whiteheads that look really gross. I've been sticking with the Regimen up until this point, but I'm not sure if I will be able to continue for much longer. My skin is still very oily though, so I'm not too sure about what to do. I'll probably use only 1 pump of BP from now on and se
  7. Day 4- 240mg total Haven't been updating because there really hasn't been anything to report, but I figured that nothing is still something. My face has been as oily as usual with no indication of drying anytime soon. Still have several actives with new ones popping up all over the place. No symptoms whatsoever. Waiting for it to kick in!!
  8. Hi! Welcome to my log! So a little introduction: This is my first time going on Accutane. I've suffered from extremely persistent acne for about 6 years, and I've decided that enough is enough! Throughout my struggle, I've tried probably every single medication there is on the market. I've been using the Regimen for the past 2 years or so, and it's helped me immensely. Although my acne is relatively mild (borderline severe) now, my face is still extremely oily to the point where I need to wip
  9. Hi! I was just recently prescribed Accutane and I am about to start my first course of 60/mg day tomorrow. I have been using the regimen EVERY SINGLE DAY (BP followed by AHA+ mixed w/ moisturizer) for about 2 years now, and I'm terrified of what is going to happen to my face if I stop cold turkey. I was thinking of gradually decreasing the amount of BP I use from two pumps down to one until I feel the Accutane is making my skin too dry to use any more. My face has always been extremely oily and
  10. Hi! I've read many posts about success with megadosing vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), however I rather not risk the side effects. I have mild acne with extremely oily skin (to the point where I can fill up 4-5 oil blotting sheets every hour or so), so I wanted to try taking Pantethine as a way of combatting the oil. I read that Pantethine is much more effective in comparison to Pantothenic Acid and that 300mg Pantethine is approximtely equivalent to 3g of Pantothenic Acid, however I'm not sure i
  11. Whenever I apply Cerave + 4-5 drops of jojoba oil after bp, the bp immediately clumps up, turns white, and is just super hard to rub all over my skin. Whenever I mix in AHA+ with the Cerave and jojoba oil, however, this doesn't happen and everything goes on smoothly. Does anybody have any advice to stop clumping and/or an explanation of why AHA+ doesn't cause clumping?
  12. Hi, Recently i've stopped using my Cerave Moisturizing Lotion because I noticed it made me oilier in the morning, and using AHA+ every day seems fine to me. Is it possible to start mixing a few drops of jojoba oil with a pump of AHA+ and apply that every night after bp? I normally have very oily skin throughout the day, so I really hope this won't make me oilier.
  13. I've been noticing that my face is much less oily in the morning if I don't moisturize at night (CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion). I've started using Alina's hyaluronic acid serum in the morning and my face feels super smooth and hydrated. Should i continue moisturizing every night or can i just apply AHA+ several times a week and that's it?