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  1. I've been searching forums and websites for a regimen that would rid my acne for good, and one thing that came up a lot on many different sites was this "3 day acne solution." so I thought i'd give it a try and WOW. It was amazing reading this acne solution book taught me so much and i support it 100% seeing as I now have clear skin and i used to have the worst skin out of anyone I knew. If you want it heres a quick link *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * Its the best decis
  2. I did some research and found that this "3 day acne solution" was my best bet for clearing my skin, and i was right. It costed me 40 dollars but it was a small price to pay in comparison to the hundreds i've spent on other ance medications that turned out to be bust to learn more about it i've put a link at the bottom of the page. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  3. I've had redness issues even before the tane but it hasn't been until now that I've really noticed them (probably because I had to much acne to even tell what was causing the redness before), But even so I still felt flushing. If this indeed the case and the tane is not causing is there any other drugs that I could be taking in addition to help stop this or is it lost hope? One more question its a little off topic, but can you get laser treatments done while you still have a little bit of acne?
  4. I've noticed over the past few weeks that my skin is not nearly as red when I'm relaxed. I flush really easy.... going from cold to warm or warm to cold My skin gets red. If I wake up at night and go to the bathroom my skin is nearly perfect other than the few red marks here and there. The question I have is what can I do with this? I can't very well stay relaxed all day the slightest change of expression will make me flush and on top of that what am I supposed to do about the flushing from chan
  5. I have really bad pigmentation and thats all its summed up to be. I have tried things for blemishes (don't work) things for red marks (don't work) things for blackheads (don't work). So the only thing left that could possibly be making my skin like this is either irritation (highly doubt that) or some kind bacteria thats causing strange pigmentation. I've heard of MA which i will try when i can but other than that what else is there? And like I said I'm sure its not because of blackheads, rosace
  6. I need someone to give me advice on what they did to get rid of the blackheads in their nose. I need somekind of wash, but nothing is working and anytime I squeeze them my nose hurts for a few days and is really red and then the blackheads come back. It feels like theres no stopping them and right now my nose is bright red all the time because of them being there. So I seriously need to get rid of them. Recommend a product? or a technique? or better than all that a cure. Whatever you guys have
  7. So I've heard a about these laser surgeries and was wondering. What is the best laser surgery(In your opinion) for back acne that has redmarks/cysts/soars? I mainly need one that will promote healing. I'm currently on accutane, so I doubt I'd be able to do a laser surgery now but I need to know for when I'm off the tane. Also whats the best laser treatment for pigmentation of the skin? I'm hoping to do a facial laser treatment after my course of accutane.
  8. Thanks, but isn't there anything else I can do? I feel helpless, Helpless to the mercy of what this accutane will allow. If the trip wasn't already paid for I'd contemplate not going, and right now I'm thinking of everything I can do. Laser surgery, sebum gland removal even a skin graph. When someone is so desperate that they start considering skin graphing, just to look well enough to take their shirt off, you know things must be bad, and they are, they truly are. I need help.
  9. Ok to answer your questions I weigh 60 kg's and the other day I got my dosage upped from 30 - 40 mg's, which isn't very much from what I hear. I'm fucked in 3 months because I have a trip to Hawaii with the school band and you know what hawaii means right? Swimming tanning overall a good time for everyone except me. I have Severe back acne and when I say Severe its not to be taking likely. I probably have close to one of the worst cases on this forum when it comes to my back. I wouldn't even be
  10. Thanks. Yesterday I used it for the first time and when I woke up this morning I had like 3-4 new whiteheads??? I'm on accutane and I haven't had a whitehead for like 3 weeks. Do you think its because of the mask? can a whitehead develope overnight?. My skin is mostly clear of pimples all I need is to clear the red marks and I thought this would help. If you guys think I'm allergic to something in the facemask, what should I do? Should I use other fruits with citric acid? or use some other type
  11. I have a question about the lemon/eggwhite protein mask. Is it normal for your skin to feel really tight and dry a few minutes after putting it on or am I doing something wrong? Please reply I want to make sure I have this right. One other thing I didn't have any lemons, but I had a lime so I put that in. Do you think it makes a difference? I assume that the reason for the lemons in the first place is because of the citric acid, and if thats the case limes have way more citric acid and should w
  12. Tomorrow I'm going to my derm to hopefully get a dosage increase. I've heard of a lot of people wanting to go on a lower dosage, is this because of the side effects of accutane? Because right now my side effects are minor to say the worst does that mean that I should get a dosage increase? And i've heard of so many people who go on a higher dosage and experience much greater results, which is exactly what I need because if I don't get clear in 3 months I'm F***ed. My course has been cut to 4 mon
  13. I was just thinking the other night. Does it help to wash with cold water? I don't know if its just my wrong thinking but it seems that Hot water is associated with irritation so wouldn't Cold be associated with the opposite? Soothing? Does anyone do this, and if so does it help I've done it before but whether the results I see are only initial or constant is hard to tell. I'm constantly changing my regime and I'm currently on Accutane, so who knows maybe its just kicking in I've heard of sudden
  14. So I have a lot of red marks on my face enough so it looks more like a big blotch on both my cheeks and my nose. I was going to try AG products, but couldn't really find any. I did however find something with Glycolic acid and have been using it but not huge results honestly. How many people can vouch for AG cleansers that it helps to even skin tone and clear red marks? Because if it is a good product I will try to order it off the internet. Also while looking for things to even my skin tone I
  15. It affects everything your lips your hair even the hydration of your body. You might notice when you start taking it that you have to drink fluids more frequently then normally. As for questions, plucking eyebrows is fine there shouldn't be enough irration to do any damage. Remember this all depends on how it affects you, take me for example I handle the skin drying effects and other side effects quite well. So I'm able to shave to exfoliate cleanse and use a topical, and I still don't get any i