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  1. Man, same here. I work behind a computer for 45 hours a week. My skin is oily after about 2 hours or work. I can't stand it anymore. I need to fix this.
  2. Are you seriously apologizing man? I'd kill to go back or have back the skin I had when I was 13. I felt so good looking. I can't stand to look at myself today. I hate it more than anything. Flourescent light...effin' kill me man. The thought of when I was 13 and didn't give a SHIT...torturous. Now I'm done ranting. XD
  3. I wonder what it's like having a nice skin at 22. When you just want to go out and meet people of the opposite sex (or same) and talk and be able to always look at people when you talk. And be really romantic and all that good mature stuff. I already lost out on being 17 and 18 and 19 and 20 and 21 with nice skin. Wish I could know what it would've been like not hiding away from everyone and feeling like everyone else. Meh.
  4. Hey guys. I really appreciate the replies. I just get so down some nights when I sit alone on the computer in silence. My brother goes to bed before me usually, so I'm stuck here with anxious thoughts and feelings. Tonight just sucks, alot. Me and my girlfriend have been fighting alot about nonsense, spent the whole day with her, yet the end of the night ended so shitty. I don't want to get into that, but what really sucks is that I don't even have a phone to talk to her, since I left it out in
  5. hey rivercat....if you like you can read my post in 'personal regimen logs'...since 8 months ago my skin has improved SO much just with making small changes. It wont work for everyone and I know youre tired of trying everything but maybe just a few things would make a difference.

    I hope you feel better..."we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking up at the stars"

  6. This post wasn't much about accutune, not sure why you're asking that here but yeah... :3 Yo RjD, thanks for the reccomendation. I've been having a flushing/redness problem for a long while now. Also a little bumpy in my cheeks. Wondering if you had that too. I havent been diagnosed with Rosacea, but I def. think I have. I might go and try this. You used the whole set or just the Serum? Thanks man. btw, your skin looks great. I'd love to accomplish that.
  7. Nah, I know haha. But man...when you think about it. The amount money people have these days is just incredible. Celebs...athlethes, MARK ZUCKERBERG (haha sorry i'm a web developer) I mean c'mon. If I had 1/1,000,000 of Zuckerbergs money I'd cry myself to sleep with joy right now. But I don't. I can hardly keep 500 dollars in my bank account, because of the money I spend on my skin, my girlfriend and my bills. It sucks man. I don't know what to do. 5,000 dollars would make me so goddamn comforta
  8. This sucks. I love and I hate this website. I get why we're all here. Especially in this section of the forums. It's so hard to express myself here these days. I have so much to say, but I just don't know how to say it. I can't battle anymore. It feel hopeless. Constant trial and error. It's tiring. It's depressing. It's exhausted, really. Does it end? Will I ever get my skin to the way I'd like it. I don't even suffer from bad acne anymore, yet I just can't take it. I hate looking at my skin in
  9. Scew all you people that don't agree with or understand fork's point. What acne has done to my head is ireversable. I know for a fact that not a single day for the rest of my life will go by where I don't think or worry about my skin and I know that goes for 90% of the people here. If society didn't make me feel like shit when I see kid's my age on magazines and on tv with great skin reguardless if it's covered in makeup or photoshopped or neither...either way, society is pointing out that that
  10. Which cleanser are you using? I used to use PC's 2% BHA Liquid along with Dan's Cleanser. It was extremely drying if I used it too many days in a row, so I cut it down to once a week, after I shaved before bed only. I really liked it cause it seemed to make my skin look really smooth and clear and I was NEVER irritatted from shaving. It didn't seem to do much for my clogged pores, but it didnt make my overall complexion look ALOT better. Once I ran out, I just never ordered again. Everything is
  11. The exact reason I came here tonight was to find out how to clear my mother EFFIN' pores out. It's the only thing that REALLY bothers me. Aside from my ongoing facial redness and flushing. -_- Is there like a cleanser out there that will go in and help clean them out? Some sort of deep cleansing pore that you guys recommend? I don't know what else to do otherwise. Any gentle cleanser I use does NOTHING for my pores, just keeps the acne away. My skin is still quite oily AND dry (combination). Th
  12. Was Dan's Cleanser ingredients changed since last Spring? It's a bit drying for me now too, I used to LOVE it...felt so much lighter or something...idk. Oh and I'm not on the regemin btw, just using his Cleanser, like I used to. I wash gently, shortly and with lukewarm water. What should I use instead? =/