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  1. i have all these rough tiny bumps also on my forehead and temples i have pretty much cleard most of my acne except for around my mouth and chin and it sucks to have these tiny bumps.
  2. how does that stuff work does your skin peel off from it as in the name?
  3. the hat could be causing your acne on the forehead because the bacteria can spread around in the general area but it just could be a coincidince because i only get acne around my mouth and jaws. i hate getting acne in one area youve got no acne in other areas and it jst has to be in that one area why cant it clear up like the rest of the face?
  4. Is it meant to cause tiny red bumps when using it to unclog pores say on the forehead and temple area? because in that area all i pretty much have is clogged pores and getting rid of clogged pores would make my complexion alot better. can anyone help?
  5. it dosnt seem to be drying out my skin too much i mainly have a few inflamed whiteheads and some non inflamed ones and alot of little white bumps which im guessing are blocked pores. i tried some of the older clearasil products a while ago and it was all runny and diddnt feel good but this feels relatively good and its definetly not as drying as BP. SA is proven to work isnt it so the person that used it diddnt it have any affect at all?
  6. Has anyone tried the clearisil overnight defense gel it contains Sacylic Acid is it any good and also are there cleansing toweltts any good? this is for mild acne and clogged pores.
  7. think they are clogged pores have alot on my forehead they suck
  8. i have these clogged pores aswell do they go away pretty fast after you exfoliate or does it take a couple of weeks i know what you mean by pimply rough texture and i really hate this rough texture.
  9. retinoids seems to be in all of those what are some products with retinoid in it?
  10. are clogged pores just those tiny bumps that dont form into nything and just sit there how do you get rid of these? if this is what they are i have tiny skin colored bumps on my forehead.
  11. I have been taking Zinc Sulfate + B6 + Magnesium oxide tablets since the end of last year and they have helped my skin alot it takes a while to see changes but they happen after 2 or 3 months. now i only have red marks and those annoying tiny little bumps on my forehead (What are These? and how do you get rid of them?) a few zits here and there but i started out with pretty bad acne and this is what has helped me better than any thing you put on your face that ive tried. And they have never
  12. I have had a big painful lump under the skin for a couple of days now it quite flat but has a large area what is this called? little whiteheads have formed on top of it. and what is the best way to get rid of it?
  13. so does bp kill these before they become zits ive noticed these on other people but you can only see them in the light and on angles.
  14. my acne has pretty much cleared up on my cheeks and forehead except for occasional acne. my chin area always gets new zits but since my cheek and forehead have cleared up im left with red marks on my cheeks which is normal but on my forehead and temples it is just all lumpy like tiny zits without heads or anything just lumps does anyone else have these and how do you get rid of them?