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  1. Maybe you should look into using a product containing azelaic acid. It can be used to treat rosacea and acne. It’s effective but more gentle compared to benzoyl peroxide
  2. What’s your thoughts on the Simple miceller wash? In regards to what you had posted, it’s really hard to say what could be causing this. Products containing glycolic acid may help you but you will have to give it time. Do you think your sunscreen could contribute to your skin texture? Unfortunately, I find some sunscreens (chemical sunscreens especially) can really aggravate my skin. Side note: Some sunscreen (especially mineral based sunscreens) can be really difficult to remove. Sometim
  3. Maybe look into a mattifying moisturiser or skin treatment. Avene has a product (clenance expert) which I believe is targeted for acne prone/ oily skin. Just remember, if you wash your face frequently to moisturise afterwards. Even if you have oily skin, it’s still important to moisturise. If oil really bothers you, you could always buy a transulescent powder and dust that over your face to prevent excessive oil. Your skin doesn’t look bad.
  4. You probably don’t want to hear this but the best thing would be to see a professional/ dermatologist. From personal experience, I wish I had seen a dermatologist a lot sooner. I know it can be expensive, however the amount of money I was spending on different creams and cleansers was a joke and was just burning a hole through my pocket. My advice: If you can’t afford to see a dermatolist, maybe book an appointment with your regular doctor. Keep your skincare routine as simple as you can.
  5. Hey, I don’t see any issue wearing makeup while on the regimen. It really depends on how your skin is tolerating the products and whether there’s excessive dryness and or flaky skin. The regimen can definitely have this effect so I suggest moisturising prior to any makeup application. The use of a sunscreen can be really beneficial as well. If your skin is tolerating the products, there’s no issue wearing makeup, just make sure to remove it For makeup removal, I suggest either a makeup rem
  6. Unfortunately, these days any thing and everything supposedly can have an adverse effect on the body. Look up anything on google, and there is usually at least one listing of whatever it is not being good for you. Theres no denying that accutane is a harsh medication. Everyone’s body is different, so what one can tolerate, another can’t. Overall, it’s best to make this difficult decision on your own, taking into consideration professional advice. If you do end up taking the medication and you
  7. Hey everyone, I’m pretty embarrassed to post this considering I’m super insecure of the condition of my skin. I’m extremely fair and the contrast of my scarring and hyperpigmentation are very noticeable. I would like to know: from the pictures below (sorry for the bad quality) how severe would you say my scarring/ hyperpiemtation is? What would you suggest treatment wise for someone who has sensitive, easily scarred skin? Thankyou!
  8. Overall, it’s really up to what your skin can tolerate. If you really wanted to use both products in the same day, the pixi glow tonic would be safest to use in the morning and retinoid at night. Personally, I would start to introduce the retinoid by using it a couple of days and then give your skin a break for a day and continue. Like I said, it all comes down to what your skin can tolerate
  9. I could be wrong but many apply their vitamin c products in the morning. Vitamin c can have photoprotective properties which is great for day time use. In your case, I would apply it before your moisturiser/SPF.
  10. Hey, I’m not a professional by any means so the advise I give you may not be up to par. I would suggest, if you are wanting to use a retinoid (even in toner form) it would be ideal to use that at night rather than during to the day. If you were still interested in using an AHA, I would use that on an alternate day or days at night. I wouldn’t use these products together since they can cause some sensitivity to the skin. I also think maybe you shouldn’t worry about using either in the mornings. M
  11. Maybe look into Sqaulane oil. I know the ordinary has one at a reasonable price and I have used it personally. I sometimes mix a few drops into my moisturiser. Make sure though it’s sqaulAne oil not sqaulEne.....there’s a difference. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find what best suits your skin and a lot of it comes down to trial and era. If your skin is quite reactive/sensitive ......really look into products that are fragrance free.
  12. I can’t tell you about Argan oil since I havent really used it. However, from experience I think it really depends on what your skin likes and can tolerate. I don’t know for sure, but I think jojoba oil was a problematic oil for me. It could have just been a coincidence, but I noticed while using it that I started to get little bumps.....especially around my jawline. Could have been something else but I discontinued use anyway. My skin has the tendency to get pretty dry, so I have now resorte
  13. It’s not really necessary to wash your face twice in the morning with 2 different cleansers. If you wore makeup or a heavy sunscreen, that’s when a pre cleanse (for instance washing with an oil cleanser) would be ideal and to then follow with your usual cleanser. Also, does your 2% SA cleanser contain exfoliating beads? If so, I would advise to use that 1-2 times a week. Over exfoliating can cause irritation and dryness of the skin. When it comes to facial moisturiser (lotion) it’s perfect
  14. What dosage of accutane were you taking at the time? I know what you mean about cc creams but I find it so difficult finding a cc cream pale enough......So frustrating!
  15. You could maybe look into using rosehip oil to help with the dryness. For oily skin, I suggest looking into a more mattifying moisturiser. You could always invest in a mattifying powder. Make sure you use an SPF during the day.