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  1. Mixing the jojoba oil with the moisturizer helped with my dryness.
  2. I had a similar experience earlier in the treatment, but kept going and things got better.
  3. I'm not sure how much you sweat but I just gently pat my face with a towel at the gym. I think that I have read here that it is not advisable to apply the treatment 3 times A-day.
  4. Have you tried mixing the jojoba oil in the moisturizer? During the first few weeks, I was looking pretty scary during the day, as my skin was peeling. Also in the evening, I gently rubbed off the dead skin at night, as the cleanser didn't remove it. Good luck!
  5. I'm not an expert but you have to find something to moisturize your under eye. I think that I read that the under eye contact, and think is temporary but be very careful about getting the bp on the under eye.. this area is very thin and sensitive. good luck!
  6. I'm 23 days on Dan's regimine and been staying away from foundation. I need to wear makeup tonight. I put on the regimine this morning. Do i wash it off before I apply make-up tonight?
  7. Thank you very much. I was so discouraged because it looks horrible. During the day at work my skin feels dry, but greasy and icky... I just wanna wash it. I'm sticking to it but I had to add the purpose cleanser today. The regimine cleanser is not working.
  8. I started about September 14 so this is about the 15th day and my skin looks horrible. I have these red bumps that I did not have before and I'm wondering if I need to discontinue the treatment. My skin looks OK in the morning but once I apply the treatment and throughout the day it looks worse.
  9. We are supposed to be adding a sunscreen, so there is no way to only use acne.org products
  10. Everything was fine (aside from the BP burning my neck), but now I'm on day 21 and have lots of red bumps and peeling skin during the day. Skin in cheeks is hard after i wash and dead skin on face after washing at night. Is this normal? Do I keep going with the bp?
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    Week 2

    One pimple