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  1. Well mine as yet is not so extreme as in the book. I started about 2-3 weeks ago and I consume, at home, rice, corned beef, steak, cauliflower, bread, coffee, olive oil. Planning to stop bread (I eat more of it now than before). At work I have less control as I eat prepared food, but I try to limit it to rice, bread and beef or pork. I don't find it that hard, also my stomach didn' t ache since the start of the diet, while it happened quite often before.
  2. Thank you @marshl1 for contacting GG (the author), his points are indeed useful. I'm too trying to adopt zero vit. A diet. It would probably be good to create a separate thread on these board dedicated to his theory.
  3. @Togg , I love avocados, the last time I ate them in increased amount I think it did some good to me. I'm not convinced though their good effect is due to beta-sisterol and inhibiting 5-ar. May be it is something else, like copper ? Someone posted here links to TeslaFan's progestin theory, it is very interesting, but not easy to understand well in details.
  4. Huh and rosacea may be linked to trigeminal nerve malfunction. Maybe that's what causing our different sides, different nerves' function is disrupted ? What exact damage retinoids could have done to the nerves? Is the myeline thinned, or nerves are firing when they should not ? ..
  5. Has anyone here been tested positive for H. Pylori and if so has been treated ? I'm asking cause I have it but have not yet treated it, being afraid of taking medicines. Last week I took an antibiotic for another cause but which has effect on H. Pylori, and had a feeling of doing overall better (like gut wise etc) . So I hesitate if it's related and I should finally take the treatment ..
  6. 1) Those are serious diseases, with multiple sclerosis if i'm not mistaken people are bed bound, how come doctors are not able to diagnose that ? You're sure that your symptoms fit well with them? 2) A doctor whom I spoke about accutane went to an "official" website (maybe pubmed or something like that) with a bunch of side effects listed, so your doctors can not say that it's sides are non-existent
  7. But what if someone has zero body fat ? Where it is stored?
  8. Taking Betain HCl as recommended (after a meal with some meat) provokes to me a burning feeling, i think I have an opposite, too acidic stomach.
  9. Oxidative stress and unfolded protein response - those terms often come in rosacea studies ( my main side ) . Did some liver flushes in the past too, did not see stones but mostly done them without drinking magnesium stuff.
  10. I would be very sceptical, at least, of affirmations that viruses don't exist and vaccinations are useless. As an example, I've seen victims of polio in Africa, but not in Europe. Also that German new medicine seems like a quackery itself.
  11. There was a post on brain hypo or hyper metabolism. Is it different from general hypo/hyper metabolism? My opinion is that we have a general hypo metabolism, possibly from lowered enzymes. It correlates well with digestion problems, fat malabsorption, low libido and fatigue. In different people the enzymes are affected differently, that's why some processes work faster than others and so the symptoms may correlate or not.
  12. that's a perfect description of many situations and feelings I have experienced too
  13. No unfortunately algos can get some help that's all. As in mariovitali work, they need data to work on. And what if medical studies on which his system is based on missed something really important? Then all machine computing won't be of any help.
  14. Quite an interesting idea. They prescribe low dose isotretinoin too. But what would be the correct dose if this theory were true? If I were to try this I'd probably get prescribed low dose and take a pill once in a week, to see the effects. I won't be the first to try this though..
  15. @lamme, congrats on your recovery, I join TrueJustice on his question. Are you still on some kind of diet ? However your skin issue hasn't been cured, while yours doesn't look that serious, mine is a biggest side, it's like I was seriously sunburned everyday. Looks like skin problems are the hardest to cure..