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  1. I had the same problems with towels. I suggest only using white towels, those don't get bleached when I use them.
  2. I slacked off for a while. It took me about a 2 weeks to get back to normal
  3. Heym Hardstaff, why don't you look here http://www.acne.org/regimen-supplies.html Dan tells what kind of cleanser and moisturizing products you need and which ones he recommends. I don't think you have to buy them through the website if you can find it at your local store for much cheaper. I would, however, recommend buying Dan's BP, that is best, but that's only available via his website. Look here http://www.acne.org/orderinternational.html for buying products outside the U.S. I hope that he
  4. I used a 5% BP gel that was "aqua" based for a long time. It made my skin way too dry compared to on-the-spot or Dan's BP. Also I got pimples more frequently with the 5% compared to Dan's BP. I would suggest ordering Dan's BP
  5. You could try using the regimen with a 2.5% BP and see if your skin becomes less oily. If that doesn't work you could try a 5% BP and if that doesn't work you could try 10% but that makes your skin REALLY dry. Well, at least it did when I tried it. Good luck!
  6. Mr. Wiggles I am curious about your background. Where did you acquire all this information on BP and what knowledge do you have of dermatology?
  7. I don't understand, if BP is as harmful as you state it is, why are you the ONLY person I have heard it from? I would think that the News-Media would discuss a topic like this if what you are saying is correct.
  8. I would think that if BP caused the amount of harm you are suggesting Mr. Wiggles, the FDA would have pulled it from the market. Now why haven't they done that? BP was introduced I believe in the 1930s. Surprised something that harmful that has been around this long hasn't been removed from the market. Also it says right on the back of one of my other BP bottles to apply it twice a day, which would suggest that applying a generous amont is all right. It says nowhere on the warning label what yo
  9. That's odd because the opposite situation occured with me. I used on-the-spot then switch to Dan's BP and got pimples less frequently. Maybe it could just be a coincidence or perhaps its your diet? Trying reverting back to the things you did while using on-the-spot to see if the new BP is the only factor in the blossoming of this acne
  10. Yippie ! I predict clear skin in your future
  11. Mr. Wiggles, if that's even your REAL NAME, I see nothing of what you are describing on the warning label of the BP. Dan has been using BP for years, and me about 5 years. I see no side affects after that much use. Dan is the man, he would hide nothing from us if there was a problem. He would most certainly put a disclaimer on his website.
  12. I don't know if you moisturizer or not, but if you do Dan's BP works in tandem with a moisturizer the best that I have seen. Also I believe I have read some articles on Dan's website that states that 2.5% BP works better than 10% BP. I think Dan's BP is well worth it.
  13. Thanks hoku for all the info. I greatly appreciate it.
  14. What are the benefits of exfoliation vs. not exfoliating ? Just curious. I don't use anything to exfoliate my skin and my skin is fine (I use the regimen). I do get the occasional pimple though