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  1. I'm just wondering for all tretinoin users, which do you all think is best, the gel or the cream? Thanks.
  2. I was on Accutane twice, first time in my 20's and it worked for a few years, then I started breaking out again, went for a second course and had to give it up after 3 months, I was still breaking out and couldn't handle the side effects the second time around. I read about spiro on this board and got a Rx, it cleared up my skin almost immediately. I find it way better then accutane and wish that I knew about it years ago!
  3. So good to hear you're having improvements. Do you contribute it more to the needling (self needling right?) or Apeel? I've done needling once, The scars I needled seem smoother to me already, but a little pinker in color. What is Apeel, I've never heard of it. Thanks :D
  4. I agree that you should try to read all the info you can on self needling before trying it. I printed off some info and kept it on hand my first time. If there is truly scar tissue, you will hear a definite "pop" sound when inserting the needle!
  5. Thanks so much for the reply, how often do you needle? Do you only do a few at once or all of them at the same time? I tried this a little over a week ago on a couple scars and now after all the swelling and little bit of scabbing is gone it does look a little better. I'm going to do another scar tonight. I wish more people posted updates on this!
  6. Hi! I'm a new poster and was just wondering if this self needling has been successful for people who have done it, or is it a waste of time? I've done a search and found some older posts, but nothing recent. Anyone? Thanks