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  1. hi from iwate-ken :D

  2. Me too I don't get breakouts in fall/winter. I have a oily skin too. If you have normal/dry skin try putting a bit more moisturiser in your regimen. I use air humidifier when I start using heater, in the winter months.
  3. I'm 22. Recently my skin got worst but now under control been dealing with acne since elementary days. My aunt has acne and still dealin with it, so I think mine is genetic.
  4. I would like to try that:) but I want to see the pictures first. I'm intrigued
  5. Have you tried matcha? It's usually served in tea ceremonies in japan. It's a powdered tea and it's rubbed using a bamboo tea whisk. But you can find it on the net if you look. It has that strong taste but helps me with my bloated stomach(from drinking too much water). I preferred to drink it with a mochi(japanese dessert) at hand. About the detox tea, I have never tried it although I see it in many japanese magazines. Why don't you try MATCHA??
  6. Do you straight with a straightening iron on your own? Based on my experience before I have used straightening irons and here in japan there's even one you can buy at your hair salon for a hefty price. I just used it once or twice a week to have that straight glow turns out it cooked my hair and I ended up selling it to a friend. Now, I have it straighten twice a year, every 6 months by a salon that specializes in hair straightening. It's good to have your hair taken care by a professional:)
  7. Noa Cacharel Carolina Herrera 212 Gucci Rush 1 On a guy I just like the smell of my special someone when he sweats I dont know it attracts me sexually. Or Carolina Herrera 212 for Men and Acqua Di Gio(Giorgio Armani)
  8. Try blotting papers. I use mandom gatsby for men blotting papers as they are more effective than the women blotting type of paper. Blot it every 2 hour or so.
  9. Bananas are good for some prebiotics (but also contain sugar!). Make sure your yoghurt is live, but i've seen a lot of tests to suggest that off the shelf yoghurt (even the best organic live stuff) has no effect on gut bacteria.
  10. Thanks for all the reply I researched about the honey and I put just a little on my plain yogurt today. I found that japanese company that manufactures THREELAC or we call it SURI-RAKKU http://aquatheraphy.com/atopy/ so I ordered a 2 month supply and see how my body reacts to it. Did a little research too on yakult, so limited as my kanji reading are still in the learning process. Although yougurts from Meiji Bulgaria LB 81, as I research are good. Still doing a but research on that with a hel
  11. Please help. I have started taking tetracycline[200mgs] prescribed by my doctor the last 11 days and I think I may have candida. I'm having abdominal gas, constipation, etc. I will just finish the antibiotic till Oct. 5, same date I will go back to my dermatologist. I am researching about Candida diets and I am going to start it soon. My question is HONEY(produced by honey bees), which is mainly fructose and sucrose can be included in my diet???? Im starting off in the morning with plain yogurt,
  12. I've been using Diane for 3 years. I started when I was 19 years old now I'm 22. It cleared my skin and for scars I have monthly microdermabrasion. But I must warned you not to stop takng it as it will make your skin worst and breakouts even more. Based on my experience I stopped Diane for 7 months because of my sexual drive's low . I noticed that while on Diane my skin looks glowy and smooth and people compliment me a lot about it. But when I stopped my face looks rough and oily and it doesnt
  13. Nice to see have people from Japan here. Keep posting
  14. I live in Japan but Filipino at heart but I do go back in the Philippines once a year before but ever since I got married to a brazilian hottie Manila was not an option anymore. We go to samba carnival every year. I'm a long time acne sufferer since I hit the puberty age. Now I'm 22 years old. I am so desperate for the cure for my acne that I've tried everything topical creams(bp,differin,adapalene,etc)-check, proactiv-check, all that product lines of my dermatologists-check to top it all I h