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  1. im sure all these random chemicals some people load on there face isnt safe as well.
  2. I've been tanning since the end of summer. Seems when the weather turns cold here in Ohio I breakout more. I wouldnt say my face is bad at all with acne but it helps mine. Felt wierd being a guy and going tanning but I got used to it.
  3. Im gonna start my new diet today. I eat way to much crap and sometimes I feel my face feels the brunt of it. The fast-food diet is gonna have to go away aswell. Is it better to drink Propel water or just straight spring water?
  4. It seems when I let my facial hair grow out my acne seems to disappear. I dont have really bad acne. But the day that I shave I break out bad. I use a Gillette Fusion razor along with just basic shaving cream. I also clean my face after shaving and apply my BP. I think applying the BP after shaving is causing my face to dry and hence causing the breakouts. Anyone have any ideas on how to clean my face on the days that I shave? Or any better Razors or Shaving Cream?