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  1. I am a 16 year old male and I guess im pretty clear now.Dans regiment did wonders for my face, but the thing is. I hope I dont have to do the regiment threw all of my 20's and 30's I dont know if I will be able to take it. Is there a chance that I will grow out of acne by my mid 20's?
  2. ok....what brand is the best thow?? Is greenvalley(I think thats the name) any good.... Its the kind they sell at walmart......
  3. What are some good supplements that help treat acne????
  4. Where can you buy bran cereal? do they sell it at regular grocery stores or the grocery store in walmart?
  5. I know everyone has different thoughts....that is why I made this thread is the see everyones thoughts.......
  6. Does soy milk aggervate acne? Also what kind of cereal can I eat???And not break out....
  7. Could you answer the first question too....????
  8. What do you all consider...severe,moderate,and light acne??? Like how many pimples.....and how often the pimples occur what do you all consider 3 pimples and 4 redspots?????
  9. Does eating ALOT of apples and oranges cause breakouts :-k
  10. Well...I do sometimes....but not much.....But I also have squezzed them on my left cheek too and I dont have any problems...Do you think I could be sleeping on my right cheek when I sleep???? would that cause my right cheek to break out more then my left??? or is that not a factor????
  11. But why do I brrak out of my right cheek more than my left? :-k
  12. ok when I was 12 or 13 I used to get ALOT of acne on my forehead...I had cysts nodules red marks scars and all....and when I turned 15 it cleared up totally....I am 16 now and my forhead has been almost totally clear for about a year...well...within that year I maybe have gotten 3 itty bitty pimples that I dont think anyone but me noticed them..... Now my only problem is my cheeks.......my cheeks still get pimples....and they are not oily at all like my forehead is...also...my right cheek is