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  1. besides.. even if it did not help... wouldnt you go far to get to experience happiness for 6 months while on it? personally, i would almost give up my life after thoes 6 months if i was to be clear and social those 6 months. might be abit intensive ppl may say.. but we all differ in personality aight? my metrosexual one cant go along with it ... happily.. accutane despite side effects rescued me from the abyss and i cant start chatting with a nice girl ... a gODLIKE! accutane = pill of heaven
  2. regarding the accutane etc.... f or really many.. it is a cure, as in.. it doesnt come again... it givetheir life back, as it shrinks their glands... im one of the lucky guys ... ;o..
  3. read the other posts here before posting ._. so that there can be more focus on new/non answered stuff instead..
  4. i would say the lightning plays a factor ye. but majorly the true answer afaik and have read before in here is that when you wake up and when you start getting relaxed, your blood circulation is ofc less intense. same goes with the blood circulation in the skin. redmarks are bloodspots in the tissue afaik, and theres less blood in the skin at the morning..
  5. Itmight be yes that its complete bullshit your post, but i actually find it quite fitting that maybe not those electronic stuff does it, but something related my friend who reads book all day long doesnt have acne and he DOESNT move a bit.. when i was gaming WoW all day i had acne in elementary school.. then i got something called dalacin which had clindamycin just before my summervacation and used it on my whole 3 week or so long sumemrvacation and cleared almost totally up... contribute
  6. That didnt cheer me up one bit reading if it was supposed to. i still feel like hanging in a bicycle deck ~~
  7. Haha necro', priceless you really make me laugh sometimes- which is healthy idd I tried eating like insane (only healthy ofc) and didnt feel any chance, was still veeery bad. I tried eating not at all almost and nothing with carbo's and didnt feel any chance, it was still veeeery bad.. and besides.. i lost 7kg on 2,5weeks, no shit and i am underweight already (kinda, bmi 20.1 before i lost the 7 kg) ive cutted out milk for more than half a year, most likely around 9-10 months, not even eati
  8. its odd, tough to explain, but yea. no cysties that dent my skin after going away again, but 100's of medium sized comedones making me red as an tomato, combined with they tend to surface at rapid pace... :/ Edit: the tan helps hidding this Bloodred face a little better mostly on distance however
  9. but why did the sebum become worse after sitting in front of comp for some hours? im a literally no lifer geek after this acne came and badminton and football had to stop... and sitting in front of a comp all day, that "sitting in front of a pc" made me wonder as i cant see why
  10. i try my hardest not to think of bad stuff and only good. but honestly, each time i see myself in a mirror or someone i care/like sees me, i cant avoid them even if i struggle insanely... removing negative emotions in our boat(acne) is just an impossible feat..... sadly coz i loose due to it everyday... anyway - ive seen your theory before and like it, but how come africans "Never(one out of 10.000 maybe?) get acne?... i mean i wouldnt be that happy if i had trouble getting water and food ev
  11. why should i not tan like a fuc**** addict if its the only slight way for me to hide my monstrously skin that looks like it has been under a sieve that contained red paint, and for once feel just a little less devoured, and little less sad, when i look at a girl and smile at her.. honestly it might fuck you up in the long run tanning, but no way i can make it to the long run if i need to bleed with my whole confidence and soul during this whole long run edit: just had a fleeting thought that s
  12. try not to eat at all.. then there shouldnt be anything that can come out of the pores.. i think that..
  13. i still ahve them in, and got acne to such a degree i feel like jumping off a bridge just about. everyday.
  14. hi.. wow a long text, and i read it all.. longest ever on acne.org ive read.. but anyway.. im so desperate to get my joy back so... well anyway, i wondered about the milk/dairy aspect as you didnt get into that,yea
  15. i knew right from the start when my acne started getting bad that someone will just find some way to use it for themself. if that isnt the case, please post your conclusion so to say