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  1. Approx. 1 year post tane just thought I'd update you guys, about a year since I took my last tablets. I still get acne now and again, some weeks are better than others. But I usually don't get it deep spots anymore, just smallish white heads. I still take vitamin c e and zinc in the morning, I wash my face with water and use la Roche moisturiser if my skin dries out. At night I wash my face with acne.org cleanser just to get all of the daily oil etc. Wash
  2. Just to let you know, Head and Shoulders contains Sodium Chloride which is a pore clogging ingredient, I wouldnt wash your face with it at all
  3. These don't look bad at all to be honest
  4. Inflammatory acne, papules by the looks of things. You also have some PIE. Antibiotics or Accutane could be worth a try.
  5. The chances of relapse is reduced each time you take Accutane, but there is no definite guarantee
  6. Do you weight lift? If you are using whey protein that can cause acne prone people to break out
  7. I wouldn't worry anything about it, because despite whatever flaws you think you have, you have another person who wants to spend there life with you. And that's pretty cool.
  8. All the best. I hope Accutane helps you
  9. Purging can still occur 6 weeks in and beyond.
  10. Doubt that will scar. Give it time
  11. Your skin's not that bad. I think less is more sometimes.
  12. This will heal and flake off itself. Don't think anyone on here would worry about 1 little dot like that...
  13. Haven't heard of this problem for Accutane personally. Consult your derm?