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  1. The weather can affect your skin. Make sure to use a moisturizer
  2. I don't see anything wrong, relax and enjoy your clear skin.
  3. I honestly can't see anything, but it could be dryness starting if you had been using aloe Vera for a long time. Can you not order it online?
  4. Microneedling is always a good starting point. @beautifulambition is the person who could help you most with which steps to take.
  5. Just leave it, your skin looks flawless.
  6. I wouldn't worry! Skin looks good
  7. Try a hot compress for 10 minutes and extracting what you can from it.
  8. Judging by what I can see, this just looks like normal skin? I wouldn't worry tbh.
  9. Put either ice on the spot if you want to reduce swelling. Or hold a hot face cloth against the area for about 5 minutes.
  10. Less is more in my opinion but in some cases a regime or pills are needed. The skincare industry is definitely corrupt, if cures for certain types of cancer can be found but there is no cure for a minor skin issues like acne/rosacea etc how does that work? This industry generates LOTS AND LOTS of money, so of course they don't want a cure for acne to be found or released to the public. Mild acne should definitely be treated with nothing. Once you get sucked into the skincare prod
  11. @Akos hello, my skin was oily/very oily at times. I would now say my skin is at a 'normal' level/oily on the occasional day.
  12. Hello You always get a two sided opinion when it comes to Accutane or any medication for that matter. You'll probably find the ones who post on here are against Accutane because it either didn't work for them or left them with side effects. You don't hear too many good reviews on here about Accutane as majority of people who have taken it don't have any big issues with acne anymore and therefore don't come on here to post. I took Accutane a couple of years ago and while it didn't stop
  13. Just stick it out. Some people don't flare up, some for a week some for months. It will end at some stage.