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  1. jPablo

    Tattoo after Accutane?

    Next appointment the guy had was January 2019 so I'll be well cleared by then lol
  2. jPablo

    Is my acne bad?

  3. jPablo

    Roaccutane & skin products.

    Acne.org cleanser and La Roche Posay Moisturiser was the 2 things I used. Nivia lip balm.
  4. Hi, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. I finished Accutane 10 weeks ago and by the time I get an appointment is will be 14-16 weeks post accutane. Is this long enough to wait? Thanks
  5. Hey! It was an awesome day, I still have my hyperpigmentation etc. But my skin looked pretty good thankfully, no holiday now and still getting some acne, nothing serious though. hows things?
  6. jPablo

    Isotretinoin starting at 30mg 22M

    Sweet bro, happy it worked!
  7. 7 weeks post tane Hi guys, all is well, how are you guys? in regards to skin, I am stilling getting acne but it is very little and the actual spots are just small white heads which disappear after 2 days with little redness. My skin does get red now and again though when I've been exercising or shaving, showering etc. (Which it is in these pictures, after a shower) Side effects, my lips are still slightly dry, I need to apply balm morning and night, skin is still slightly dry so I'm still moisturising which I will drop eventually to 1 time a day. In regards to everything else it's back to normal. Just under 2 weeks until I get married! I will say though, I've noticed my face to have a lot more freckles than usual, don't know if this is anything to do with acctuane.
  8. Hi - I'm 1 month post tane and have some scarring. Can I expect these to get better? Only on 1 side of my face and slightly on my forehead. thanks
  9. 2 weeks post tabs I'd love to say I haven't had any spots since I stopped but I am still getting very small white heads, maybe about 2-4 a week which show up and disappear in about 2 days and they don't seem to be leaving any more im still taking my vitamins everyday, washing my face in the morning with water and using the acne.org cleanser at night, I still moisturise twice a day The dryness of my lips and eyes has nearly gone away which is great. Skin still seems to be slightly dry and there doesn't appear to be any oil at the moment which is good. Hopefully the marks continue to fade but I am happy at the moment, as long as these spots stay away!
  10. jPablo

    Burning feeling

    Don't see it accutane kicking in that quickly tbh
  11. Itll get better man. Obviously our derms had different routes for treatment. My IB sucked but then I think accutane kicked in faster because of the higher doses. And obviously with the higher dose then the time needed is reduced. I'm not gonna celebrate until I get my wedding over and my skin is still clear (I pray), gonna focus on water intake, keep taking my vitamins and start weights again when I've recovered a bit
  12. thanks bro. Ok I'll check it out! I hope it stays away now! How you getting on?
  13. I took my last dose today I would have loved to say I didn't have any acne for a couple of weeks atleast but this week I did have 2 small white heads. No big deal, came and gone in 2 or 3 days. I just hope and pray I stay clear now after reaching my cumulative dose. I've still got some red marks but they will hopefully keep fading and hopefully my skin thickens out again because it has some textual issues and slight scaring. In regards to side effects I am beginning to feel fatigued My bones / muscles do feel slightly sore General dryness - especially my eyes Skin sensitivity Looking from where I have come I am extremely pleased with the results. I'll update this every so often to keep everyone informed but hopefully my acne is now gone. Or atleast at a level that is 'normal' Thanks guys! and here's some week 1 v week 16 comparisons
  14. jPablo

    Accutane suicide thoughts help

    I do not compleatly agree. Just as accutane dries out ur skin it also tries out your braincells... I had a psychiatrist explain it to me. We are all going to disagree, some will say it does some Will say it doesn't. I believe that it depends on you as a person, not the drug
  15. week 16 So here we are, on my last week of tablets (hopefully). In regards to acne I've had activity on the back of my neck, about 2 spots but as long as it stays away from the front of my neck and face. Instead of the usual pics I decided to let some light shine in.