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  1. Sorry to say that nothing over the counter is going to help Cystic Acne very much. And certainely not anything to do with "muscle" testing. I would suggest going to the derm, if for nothing else, to get some topical treatments and see if they help. Antibotics can be a godsend. My daughter took them with no problems and they helped a lot. She ended up taking Sprio along with them and just gets the smallest of pimples now every once in a while. She's also been using Retin A for years, along
  2. SamsMom

    Keeps my son's skin pretty free of acne. Very easy to use, doesn't dry out his skin even though he plays Water Polo year round. Now he only gets a small pimple here and there. None I also grabbed the last 3 boxes they had at our local CVS when they went on clearance. CVS was the only place I could ever find them. Good news is you can can still find them on the web. Amazon and [link removed] carry them, along with some other web sites. Hope this helps anyone like myself who is panicked at the
  3. SamsMom


    My advice - take some form of antiboitic for at least the first 3 months of Sprio. Derm told my daughter the same thing and she had a horrible IB, went on Bactrim after 6 weeks, took another 6 week to really clear. To me, it better to be safe than sorry...
  4. My daughter experienced something very similar. Intially when she started on Sprio (100mg, still her current dose) she had a pretty severe IB. After about 6 weeks I took her back to the derm and had them put her on Bactrim (2x daily). Within about another 6 weeks the breakouts really subsided. She's been on the Sprio/Bactrim combo for about 6 months now, however about 2 months ago she dosed down to only one Bactrim per day. She goes back to the derm next week and I fully expect she will be
  5. If your not currently on antibotics in conjunction with the Sprio - I highly recommend you do so, even if your also on Yasmin. My daugther suffered a pretty bad IB when starting Sprio in Sept. (she was on and still takes Ortho Tri Cyclen). Derm put her on Bactrim and within a couple of months she was all clear . She is now dosing down from the Bactrim and her face has never looked beter. The antiboitics will help get you over the "hump" so to speak until the Sprio can fully kick in.
  6. I haven't heard good things about Trinessa for treating acne. I remember when I was researching BCP's for my daughter's acne 4 years ago, reading that it just wasn't very effective. You might want to do a google search, I don't have those pages bookmarked any longer. When I went to fill the perscription my pharmarcy gave me Trinessa, I told them no, I need the name brand. So it's best to tel them ahead of time. I don't think she had a bad initial breakout on OTC, probably a minor one thou
  7. My daughter uses over the counter pain relievers along with Sprio and hasn't had any problems at all. I've heard about that it might make the Sprio less effective, but if your taking it only a few times a month, I don't think that would be a big deal. Just be aware that because you just started Sprio, you might very well have some initial side effects. My daughter experienced fatigue and headaches for the first couple of weeks but once her body adjusted to Sprio, they went away. She's been
  8. I wouldn't really categorize that as "terrible". It's probably still in the realm of normal and will probably straighten out soon enough. I think you mentioned that you thought spiro may not have worked as well for you because you were/are on other medications as well. Other drugs can also cause itchy and dry skin. For the great majority of people, spiro/hormone control is the answer. It was for me and it is for my daughter.
  9. I went through the same thing when I was a teenager and in my early 20's. Irregular periods but was always breaking out. Birth coontrol pills helped me alot because my acne was hormonal. Yaz or Ortho Tri Cyclen seem to help a lot of gals with their hormornal acne and it makes your periods regular as well...
  10. If you had acne and oily skin prior to taking meds, you will mostly likely get it back once you stop. Spiro doesn't really mess with your hormones. It just blocks what the hormones do to your skin. You might want to check out the nutrition forums to see what you can do "naturally" to try and stay clear.
  11. Having the right makeup tools is ESSENTIAL - I found out the hard way! It makes such a difference in your makeup. MAC has excellent brushes. Also CVS has a brand called "Essence of Beauty" which are wonderful as well, I don't think I've seen one priced over $10. If you use liquid foundation, a foundation brush it a must. It's made a big (and better) difference in how my foundation looks. Just be sure to clean them every couple of days!
  12. Neither of them worked for my daughter but I understand that Ortho Tri works better than Trinessa. All you can do is try it and see. Did you go on Ortho for your skin to begin with? If that is the case, I wouldn't mess with a sure thing. Unless, of course, your pocketbook can't stand it.
  13. My daughter had a bad IB - about 6 weeks into Sprio she was put on Bactrim which helped. Sprio does take time - she really saw results at about 14 week mark. Most say it takes about 3 - 6 months to see results. Ask your doctor what they think...maybe at the 3 month mark if your still not improving they will bump up your dosage. I'd also suggest asking for an antibotic short term to help with the IB - you can be weaned off of it once the Sprio kicks in. Be patient, it does take time..