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  1. Hey, I had my wisdom teeth out while I was on accutane and I was fine. I was actually really fine. After I have the surgery I went home with my mom and it was an hour drive, I was awake the entire time and the rest of the day. My mom couldn't beleive it. So yea, you can get a root canal. Good luck
  2. The 5 FU is helping the keloid scars go down. I don't know what the aldara is supposed to do but other than the keloids flattening I don't see anymore changes.
  3. I am also a keloid sufferer .. how is your progress coming along? any success?
  4. em2009


    No, they are all keloid scars, my derm even said so. Last I counted I have over twenty keloid scars on my back and shoulders. Several of them I have developed out of nowhere.
  5. em2009


    Why would my dermatologist mention doing a biopsy on one of the keloid scars I have on my back? Please be honest if you know.
  6. Same here, no one in my family has keloids either. My mom is puzzled by the fact that I have them and no one else in our family does.
  7. I had a few keloid scars before my first round of accutane from acne and after that I got even more. After my first round my back was clear. I have developed more scars throughout the past year and a half but these formed out of nowhere. Does anyone have any idea of what i can do to help my skin from forming more keloid scars? My dermatologist is puzzled. They are experimenting with me. I got injections of 5 FU on one shoulder and the other I use Aldara on six scars and cover three with duct tap
  8. Hey, I know how you feel about getting new scars with no acne. I keep getting keloid scars out of no where on my back and shoulders. I used to have acne on my back and shoulders but they cleared up after my first round of accutane. My derm doesn't even know why this is. It sucks because it ruins your self confidence. No onereally seems to understand but my derms and my mom. I have one friend who actually does but she wants to be a PA and go into dermatology. Hang in there.
  9. Sorry I should have clarifyed that. I had acne on my back and shoulders before my first round of accutane. During the first round my back and shoulders cleared up and have been clear ever since.
  10. Needless to say I'm hopeless. I have several keloid scars on my back and shoulders. I counted over twenty once. In the beginning I had a few, after the first round of accutane more and my second round of accutane is almost over with and I have more. I have to say this I don't touch my back except to itch it. I don't scratch like crazy, just gently itch it. Anyway a lot of these keloids have formed out of no where. I have one right now that I noticed a month ago. I will say this there was no inju
  11. Doxycycline is a tetracycline antibiotic too so you shouldn't take it either. The Nurse Practitioneer I went to prescribed it when I was sick and I had never taken it so I read the the papers that came with it and it clearly said Do not take this medication if you are taking isotretinoin. I told my mom and we called the pharmacist and she called the NP and we got me something else.
  12. Yes you shouldn't take tetracycline antibiotics because they cause increased brain swelling but minocycline is a tetracycline antibiotic so you shouldn't take minocycline with accutane.
  13. Hey, I take tylenol with accutane and I'm on 80 mg. My neck hurts alot and lately I have been getting headaches so I use it. My mom thinks I have the flu. All I have is the quesy stomach, very tired and feel achy. I can eat. The weird thing though is if I don't eat it get worse. YEs you can. I even told my derm I was taking tylenol and she said it was okay.
  14. I also use Clinique Daily Moisturizer. I love it. It you go to www.clinique.com and click on Skin Care and then click Moisturizers. There is a lot but the one I use I don't know what the others use but it's called Clinique Dramatically Different Moistuizing Gel. There is a lotion but I don't like it. The Gel is oil free whereas the lotion isn't. The gel lasts a long time. I have had one bottle for four months and I still have more in it left.
  15. Missing a week won't mess up your progress. My derm said it was fine. Accutane stays in your system for a month. I missed a week after my first month and then a few days after the next couple of months. Now I have to where I won't miss any days. I hate missing days cause then I get all messed up.