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  1. Roaccutane/Accutane action group
  2. What the hell happend to it? Is there a new website? Thanks
  3. look at the other side of his face.
  4. I read about orgones a couple of years ago. There has been suffiecent evidence behind the the orgone theory. The Question is how come no one knows about it?? Well its quite simple. Big Pharmacutecial companys dont want u find out about it cos it would put them out of business. I mean c'mon think about it Pharmacutecal industry is one of the biggest in the world. 2nd Biggest in Britain. The people who write off these ideas are just what the big industries want. Your like there Police, but only
  5. I too had severe body acne back and chest, i had large cysts the diameter of golf balls maybe even bigger somtimes. After taking Roaccutane it returned again. I was expecting my life to be ruled by acne as it made life so miserable for me, so many things u miss out on. But then i finally tried anything at all costs and i decided to see how it is when i remove milk and dairy from my diet. I wasnt expecting much after i tried everything under the sun. So i did a trial for 2 - weeks. in that time
  6. I know this a off topic, but i figured that this was the best place to post cos there are a lot of knowledgable people here. Im going grey prematurely...it started about 8 months ago and know its beginning to get noticeable. At the time i was depressed for a while, so i guess thats the cause. However i have been in good spirits for 6 months and the grey hairs have continued to manifest themselves. I wonder if anyone here knows if i can get my hair back to its normal colour without artifical
  7. I have just bought it. On the 4 th day now. I want to know if anyone has had genuine success with this, in reducing acne. Also what other benefits if any does it have.
  8. I reckon butne is related to cleansness
  9. i too use green tea bags. I was wondering knew about green tea causing cancer of the osephagus??? Espically when drinking it hot? Thanks.