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  1. Hi! I started differin gel (adapalene) July 2018. Ever since i did it has been going okay, still regularly break out which is annoying but nothing awful that i had before. although i would have the occasional horrifying week of acne. i would get home, wash my face, use moisturiser, and then about an hour later apply the differin to my face. More recently, (past 2 weeks or so) I’ve been applying the differin after i wash my face, and then the moisturiser when i wake up. My skin is see
  2. That’s good to hear the bumps are almost gone yeah I had that problem too... I’d go at my pores for ages and just make things worse. Just remember leaving it alone will be better in the long run! (Update) Pack 3 day 9 honestly the clearest I’ve been since August. All I have is scarring atm. I’m not going to jinx anything though. It just feels lovely feeling a bit more confident when leaving the house. Acne has made me miss days and days off school because of how it affects me. I’m hop
  3. Haha thanks! I’m glad it’s easy to cover! How’s it going? I’ve found they’ve faded quite a bit for me, it’s just a bit pinky-red.
  4. Pack 3 day 6 Hyperpigmentation all over my jaw from the initial breakout. Lumps have disappeared. I only have a few spots on my forehead but again, my bangs are probably causing that so I can’t complain. Skin has definitely gone down since last week, which was quite bad in terms of redness and inflammation
  5. Yeah we are, I can relate with having acne in an unusual place! I never got it around my jaw area, maybe the occasional pimple but that pill must have caused it all to flare up, and I’m just dealing with it hoping it will go down and stop coming back up. Wow really? Maybe I shouldn’t have continued to the next packs. Too late though I just started my third, I’m just too scared to have a break in between and break out again ): I hope all goes well with that treatment! Personally I’m using tea tre
  6. I just finished my second pack! Yeah I went straight onto the next pack, and I’m going to do it again with the 3rd one. Same here with hyperpigmentation. But honestly it fades over the course of a month so don’t worry too much (Update anyway) i finished my 2nd pack as I said above, my cheeks are clear and so is my nose. My jaw is the problem. Having acne on your jaw is related to Hormonal acne I heard so I’m guessing it’s the initial break out still going on? I’m just having previous spots tha
  7. Day 29: have had a few small pimples form on my forehead, not much. due to my bangs probably. Everything else is still healing (pigmentation scars) not too bad at the moment.
  8. If you’re still in your teenage years yes your hormones are still fluctuating, so it’s normal to have breakouts every so often. Then again, it isn’t very nice. I’d suggest going to the doctors and speaking about birth control. Usually it helps keep the flare ups to a minimum or gets rid of it completely for some people.
  9. I’ve been on Yasmin for 2 weeks, and I definietly had an initial break out around my jaw on both sides of my face. It’s day 18 now and the scarring has faded quite a lot but after I wash my face, as expected, still shows up quite a bit. I still have scars from pimples that showed up after that break out, but I haven’t got all that much since the initial one. With scars I recommend using sudocrem as it fades them quite a bit. Also, no picking
  10. Day 18: Everything is healing, no new spots. But a new side effect: I’ve had the biggest appetite for the past few days! Not complaining as I love food, and I’m quite slim. But seriously have been non stop eating
  11. Yeah I always think about it from time to time and remind myself to be patient, even when it becomes hard to stick to. Thank you so much!!
  12. continue exfoliating, that will definitely help. But do you also moisturise? If your skin is a bit dry, skin might be getting trapped in pores and reforming them.
  13. Day 12: everything is healing and scabbed over. I’m upset because I’m supposed to be meeting with a friend next Friday and I’m going to have pink scars everywhere