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  1. Hi there Finished a three month course of doxy which cleared up my face and body acne nicely. It has been about three weeks since the course and I am having a breakout the likes of which I have never seen before. About twenty or more new whiteheads a day, of all sizes, all around my mouth and chin area. The odd spot on the rest of my face but almost exclusively around my mouth. Questions: Has anyone had a post-antibiotic breakout like this? Does it go away? Have been breaking out for more than
  2. Sounds grim but you might just have to live with your acne, or get on the tane. Don't think theres much more to do.
  3. Yeah man, its just shampoo. Its not medicated bacne cream haha. But it works better than medicated acne creams!
  4. Hey dude. I got pretty similar acne to you, and I will give you a few tips: 1. Try a mix of ACV and tea tree oil, lay it on thick and strong. 2. Or try the H&S regimen, look it up on the board theres a few threads. 3. Keep working out, as it obviously doesnt affect your acne. Plus its good for self confidence etc. 4. You look good, you can def get a girl; dont let acne limit you. I have acne like that and I've got a girl, most don't really care, except for shallow superficial chicks that
  5. you mad? my face acne is alright but my body acne is very difficult to control. As for scars, you must be joking...I have large, shiny "glassy looking" keloid scars on my shoulders and back. Shit aint cool. And yeah, I'd rather have it on my face than on my back. Because on the face it is 'normal' and acceptable, whereas body acne is perceived as less common (because people don't see it.)
  6. Whoops I just noticed its sideways. yes, I'm very clever.
  7. Jiveturkey, man thats a shame to hear. Keep trying I'm sure you'll find something that works. Alliysone I'm not sure if you mean me? But nah it isn't clear, but a whole lot better. If you are who I think you are my back will be horrific by your standards But good for me. Picture:
  8. Glad to see your getting results man. Stick with it and increase the vinegar/tea tree oil proportion if you want. And using H&S as a body wash is good. if you leave it on a few minutes it'll work best (other than using it overnight like me)
  9. No worries mate. I hope you keep seeing results. Don't forget it might take a week or so before you notice major improvements, and without the H&S I can't guarantee it will work as well. Just a sidenote: My back is unbelievably clear and smooth right now considering how nasty it was just a month ago. Just red marks to go, and the vinegar is fadin them.
  10. Lol just saw your comment. paknslave nice! I need a job so i have sunk even lower...i got rejected by mcdonalds haha! I'm studying at AUT but need a job over summer

  11. Yeah this worked much better for me than H&S on its own. My (unscientific) theory is that the alkali of the H&S and the acid of the vinegar counterbalance each other. Or maybe its just a case of hitting the bacteria with everything you can. Yes, I think one shower a day is better than two. Manuka honey is a speccial type of honey that has strong antibacterial and healing properties. Google it to find somewhere to buy it. get one with a UMF (Unique manuka factor) of 18 or more. I don'
  12. Hi there #1. Nope the stuff just soaks right on in and is dry in a minute or two. The smell is strong but only lingers for a few minutes. People would never know you had vinegar on your skin. And no I don't shower in the morning. Once again the H&S just dries on your skin, doesnt really leave alot of residue or if it does it rubs off overnight. But you could shower if you wanted to. #2. Initially my skin got really dry and peeled. But having dry skin is infinitely better than having a mine
  13. I have had severe bacne for about five years now. The first outbreak came when I was 14 and I had no idea what to do. As I remmeber I used useless over the coutners like clearasil. As a result I have big white keloid scars on my back and shoulders. Last year I was lookong on this website for a way to beat bacne and came across the head and shoulders regimen. I tried it and it worked great to clear up a particularly bad patch. After I cleared I used it sporadically, when i could be bothered. Thi
  14. wow a 75 year old wit acne! holy shit, jk.

    Um im working part time at Paknslave lmao until i find a full time job or a course i wana start. Wbu?