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  1. I keep getting these stupid cysts/under skin pimples on my back and nothing seems to work on them. Tried just about everything short of accutane (internal AND external) but I seem to get one at LEAST once every 2 weeks or so, just when I think my skin is in the clear and the scars I do have can start healing, one of these cursed (sometimes painful) things flares up. Tried Milk Thistle about a month ago and have been doing it daily since. I'm trying to find a way to get cortisone shots but tho
  2. A bit pricey, but so worth it. Hands down, best soap I've ever used.

    This body wash/shampoo has several key anti-acne ingredients on top of being an African Black soap; eucalyptus, tea tree oil and neem oil (without the neem oil stank.) Does not dry out my skin. Smells rather medicinal but your skin will thank you; will even greatly reduce scarring. I can't recommend it enough. This is coming from someone who has tried practically every anti-acne body wash/soap under the sun.
  3. Everyone is different. I remember having WAY less acne (completely clear at times) at times where I was anywhere nice and sunny (Hawaii, San Diego, LA) especially if I spent time swimming in the ocean or during late spring/summer months where I could get some sun... my breakouts have been more common during fall/winter months thus I hate cold weather. I've noticed most people are the opposite and swear the sun makes their acne worse. People in general are usually assholes about acne I've noti
  4. Hell yeah, even grown ass men would talk shit about my body acne and women would become so unapproachable Very many people are so cruel and judgmental; bad enough they insult for basic things that are tough to but CAN be fixed (i.e. losing weight/gaining muscle) but it's a nightmare when being insulted/rejected for shit that's impossible (or damn near impossible) to fix (such as height, acne, race, endowment etc.) People are assholes.
  5. hey if it gets shut down then so be it and I'm sorry. I want to die 24/7 really. I noticed though how most of the actors/actresses who have/had acne dealt with it on their face; much easier to manage than body acne where the skin/pores are thicker. I used to have acne on my face a lot so I know firsthand. I've seen LOTS of movies and the last time I saw full-blown body acne on film was Enrique Castillo in Blood In, Blood Out... VERY rarely (if ever) after that. But I will say, I'm gonna die
  6. come on now, haven't you heard of some (and I mean only SOME) of the side effects it causes? Taking it is like playing Russian Roulette.
  7. Hey man, it's all good, you're just trying to help any way you can even if I didn't agree. I get how what a dreamer might say/do wouldn't make sense to anyone else... I try to manifest my intellect both ways just so I can understand others without judging them since I hate being judged myself. It really wouldn't make sense to most “normal” people how one would willingly stay poor drawing pictures or creating guitar riffs when accounting or engineering pays more and most “probably don't have a ch
  8. That's ok. I won't pin this on you and you missed the point in the first place; you are far from the first person to discourage me or tell me I'm "unrealistic." I don't really think suicide is the cowards way out, it's just one of those things that happens and even over a failed relationship, I get it and will never look down on one for not being able to handle this life. if you think I'm childish, I don't care either. People already have their minds made up and I can't convince them ot
  9. essentially, the one thing I even fuckin BOTHERED living for is impossible because genetics fucked me, and you're saying "just be happy and give it up like everyone else does!" Guess what, I'm NOT everyone else, unfortunate as that may be. This shit really DOES hurt and I REFUSE to live the rest of my life like some miserable character from one of Alex Payne's movies or the rest of the people out there who turn into fucking assholes because subconsciously they are suffering from broken dreams
  10. Thanks for hastening the suicide process for me. Now I feel even worse.
  11. well, no matter what I do it won't stop; no matter how careful and healthy I am the severely inflamed nodules won't cease. I guess that leaves one solution; the moment I find a foolproof way to do it, I am going to end my own life. After a short bucket list that will most likely end in failure, I WILL be taking my own life. There is NO reasoning me out of it; I didn't even ask to be brought into this world in the first place so there is NOTHING wrong with me killing myself which is the BEST a
  12. Thanks you guys for trying to cheer me up. I am just ready for this world to be annihilated and wiped out of existence. Besides that, acne is the top-off that ruined everything for me for the rest of my life. I just would at least like to clear a couple things up (pardon the pun I just don't get how my (or any) parents don't get ANY accountability for genetically fucking me (or any other) up the way they did with acne and various other problems. I don't mean to offend any parents out there,
  13. usually after injections it can take up to a day for them to work completely from what I hear. Since you have had an injection put in it is no surprise you might feel a little sore on the area. Was it a cortisone shot?
  14. It hurts, always being paranoid and literally NEVER being happy because even if my skin is clear for a bit, some god-forsaken blemish (and I'm not talking some shallow blackhead/whitehead... no, often deep papules or pustules that NEED to be popped or they WILL linger or god-forsaken nodules that can't be popped) will ruin it all. I've forgotten what happiness even FEELS like. I feel extreme guilt every time I have a sexual thought (which is sadly pretty often) or jack it (because of course I
  15. I also don't think your acne looks that bad; especially to be prescribed accutane. But if your dem says not to use anything else (which I can understand while on accutane considering the potential side effects) then I'd listen to them first. Otherwise I'd recommend using tea tree essential oil (especially combined with lavender oil) as it did help me when I had facial acne (but my body acne won't go away Oatmeal mask can help too. Anyways, no matter what you choose to do best of luck!