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  1. I had read on this forum that regenerated skin using SkinTE is supposed to take on the skin properties of surrounding skin. I also read that the regenerated skin will take skin properties of the skin biopsy, so it won't be ideal for acne scars if you take a skin graft from the lower back and excise those atrophic facial acne scars to treat them with SkinTE. We don't really know at this point.
  2. Why don't you go out there and do something amazing with your life. Why do your acne scars hold you back? Half of all those Hollywood stars/singers have acne scars. If you don't believe that acne scarring will ever be addressed, than do us all a favor and leave this thread. We don't need a voice of reason. Move on, accept your sad state of skin. You will never be a Instagram model. Not all of us can be anyways. I just come here to read about new technologies. It would be nice if there was
  3. I believe this thread is about scarless healing. People need to stop coming here posting extremes. I do understand that many have scars from disease or trauma that cause distress but I don't understand what the positive outcome will be if people keep posting negative thoughts. If your scars make you feel helpless, I believe you need psychological help and probably to try out existing scar treatments for some sort of improvement. As for SkinTE, the stock value does not matter at this point of
  4. Scars are not a disease. They are a natural cure, an attempt of the body to heal itself. This is why modern medicine has never tried to find a permanent fix to scarring. Imagine if our bodies did not scar, we would bleed to death. If we had the ability to regenerate, we would be the perfect species. Unfortunately, we live in a society where the body is worshipped more than ever. Scars are now viewed as flaws and having acne scars is a pain. Wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks are also setba
  5. My face has acne scars but they are not terrible. I don't have perfect skin but nobody does anyways. I have about 20 superficial dents on my cheeks. Some are deeper than others but nothing to cry over. I must say I got acne at 11 and my face started clearing about 10 years later on its own. My back and shoulders however are extremely scarred from years of acne conglobata which also caused me to get immense joint point. I still get an occasional breakout of 3 to 4 pimples at times on my back.
  6. Maybe you should let go completely, realize that you were given bad skin, there's nothing you can do about it and just focus on doing something useful with your life. Others have it way worse with missing limbs but somehow live great and fulfilling lives.
  7. Acne is a common skin issue, nearly everyone gets acne at some point in their life. The issue with acne is when the lesions swell up and become inflamed for some people. When these heal, they more often than not leave disfiguring facial and body scars. Not to mention, the physical and emotional pain they cause. Accutane is not a cure and the medical community is reluctant to find one. They know about its side effects but still administer the drug presenting it as a "cure". Accutane changes yo
  8. Well the stock value doesn't mean much at this point. It didn't lose much the past few weeks. It's hovering around 22 - 23$/share last time I checked. It's pretty stable. It lost a little of its value because no major announcements have been made. I don't expect a major announcement until they have proven results. Then again, if this thing doesn't work, I expect Polarity to try to keep the suspense a little longer to protect the stock value until they decided to blow it all up.
  9. What's the name of the canadian doctor?
  10. I can definitely relate with you that any type of scar can cause distress but all humans have them. Only newborns don't have them. Every single person out there has either knocked their head or cut their knees meaning we all have a scar or two somewhere on our body. Even the belly button is a scar, the first scar we get as we begin our lives. So in reality, even newborns have a scar. We all learn to deal with our scars and we move on. A scar here or there is just a simple nuisance at best and a
  11. I've got several scars from accidents too throughout the years on my hands, face and knees. I believe every single human has at least a scar or two on those areas of their body. Only newborns don't have them. Those don't bother me. They make nice stories to share. However, looking at craters on your face every morning because of teenage acne is enough to ruin every one's morning. Not to mention my back is also a mess. SkinTE is quite invasive for what we know presently. Doctors do excisions f
  12. My position about Polarity is mixed. I can't say much about them right now until the clinical trials are up. We need to stop focusing on Polarity's stock value because it means nothing and it is driven by speculation. I am just stating the obvious. I'm throwing random numbers but I'm just making up scenarios as most people here are making. I rather say the negative and positive so I'm adopting a neutral position. I also believe your scarring is more related to trauma than acne scarring. I hav
  13. Yes they are definitely going to be tight lipped so the stock does not plunge. However, if no major announcements are made in the following months, investors will be selling looking to make profit out of their initial capital. Therefore, the stock price will dip. It can all be a house of cards and this whole thing can just blow up. The people behind SkinTE may just be looking to cash in big time with little to show. We have all seen this happen in the past. I can start naming companies lik
  14. SKIN gun is an old fairy tail it only regenerates the top layers of the skin SkinGun looks a lot like Recell. The epidermis regenerates on its own naturally anyways. No need to invent anything to regenerate the epidermis. Scars form when the dermis is damaged which is the second layer of skin. When the epidermis is damaged, there's no blood because that layer is just dead skin cells. That layer comes off easily just by rubbing it. The dermis is where nerves, hair follicles, blood vessels a