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  1. I know a lot of you people like the texture of SM (it looks very natural). Unfortunaly SM only gives medium coverage. But I got news that the are working on an new formula that gives more coverage. Thought it would be happy news for some of you. Now I only hope that they will make lighter shades to
  2. Just want to say that you ar not ugly and not fat. I looked at the pics and wondered how can you think you are fat? Hug
  3. Hmmm....I opened my golden fair intensive and I think it´s a tiny bit darker than fawn. I looks lighter in the jar, but on the skin it´s a hint darker. If you liked Lily Lolo I think you might like semi-matte. I´ts just a little glowy. But If you want just matte go for intensive and matte. For med sem-matte seems to work better on my skin where I´m dry and settles less in lines.
  4. I have fawn (semimatte) and golden fair (intensive). They say that the intesive line i slightly darker then the other formulas. If you pick from the same formula line, golden fair is a hint lighter) I think fair olive also works fine. Sometimes I fell I need a little bit more color, then i use face color (fresh air) so it brightens up the face just a bit. So I think that I maybee some times actually would need just a hint of more yellow in the foundation. Maybee I should try to blend 1/10 of a
  5. I got answer from both EM and AN. Both are safe :). Both are non-micronized.
  6. Thanks I mailed 2 companys EM and AN and the seem to be safe :-)
  7. I read some disturbing reports about that zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can give you cancer if the particles are nano particles. When it says that it´s non micronized does it mean that the particles aren´t so small as nano-particles and that´s its safe to use? Do anyone now what I´m talking about , and make me wiser about this:)? Since a lot of us uses mineral makeup with those two ingredients I like to now more about this. I know that zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are used in sunscree
  8. Do you think that AN soft coverage has better coverage then SM? I´ve orded full coverage...maybe it gives to much coverage then?
  9. Thanks. Dosn´t it dry out your skin since it contains alchole in it?
  10. I have the smashbox primer, but I don´t think it´s doing so much (