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  1. Great news! I am on the cream as well, about 7 weeks in. I think I am going through my IB now, and am nervous the cream is clogging. I think I will hold out a little longer, too. Did you just recently start "peeling"?
  2. DAY 49 Breaking out on chin, 3 that have come to a hard head. I am leaving them alone. Little bumps on my nose. Hoping this is the IB and not getting clogged up from the cream. I am tempted to ask for the gel, but my appt is not until Feb. 8th. No peeling yet.
  3. DAY 34 I flew home last weekend and my luggage was lost for 2 days, so I missed 2 treatments. I had a small breakout last week, I think it was hormonal, as I had some on my jaw line. They seem to be smaller than normal. No peeling yet, although my chin was a little flaky yesterday.
  4. DAY 12 I had two inflamed whiteheads on my chin, one flaked of yesterday and I accidentally pulled out the bigger newer one with my towel this morning after my shower (ouch!). It appears that the comedones are getting smaller and my skin is smoother. I am still waiting for the IB, I'd rather go through it sooner than later. No complaints with the flaking, YET. My skin is a little dry on my chin, but no more than usual for this time of year. BP made me flake a lot more. I am very happy with
  5. Thanks for letting me know, Cuddlebug! So far, so good, I think my derm may have prescribed the cream to help with the dryness, maybe because I had some dryness when I added the clindamycin gel to my BP routine. I think the gels have alcohol in them. If I have the same reaction as you did, I'll ask for the RAM or gel. By the way, did you experience any dryness? I was wondering what everyone means by the "peeling", is that just flaking or is it something worse? I had little flakes on my chi
  6. Here are some pictures, I only have a camera phone though:
  7. Hello... I have mild to moderate non-inflamed acne with some cysts. I have some ice pick scarring on my cheeks (I scar really easily!) and persistent red marks. I started tretinoin cream .025% at night on Nov 28th. I am also using clindamycin gel 1% twice a day & Olay Complete Moisture Lotion Sensitive with SPF 15. I have been on the clindamycin for 2 months now and just stopped 2.5% BP. Before that was the DKR and Pro Activ. The BP & clindamycin worked the best for me of all the tr
  8. Thanks for taking a look and for your input!
  9. Thanks for the tip... Image1 Image2
  10. Hi! Just trying to figure out what kind of scarring I am dealing with, although I think they are ice pick (hope you can see the pictures). Currently working on clearing up my skin (DK regimen & Alpha Hydrox lotion). I am going to see a derm next week and ask for a Differin RX (I hope it helps with red marks & at least a little on my scars). Thanks for your help!
  11. When I use the baking soda, I just put a good amount on my palm then add a litttle bit of water and put it on my face from my hand.
  12. I like the refining mask, I found that it works for new acne and that it seems to work on the newer red marks (I feel like I have been seeing results with everything I use, perhaps just wishful thinking?) Have not used the skin lightening lotion. I have been using ACV (just about the same dilution). I use it once a day. I am also starting to use baking soda (with water to make a paste) every other night (ACV after) and egg white with lemon mask on the off nights. Last night was my first nig