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    Inebriation, sports (track + field, soccer aka "football", horse racing), playing sports while inebriated, iTunes, getting off of academic probation, going to the beach, drinking at the beach, playing card games that make me drunker than I already am, being mean to other people for the purpose of making myself feel better, losing weight, list goes on
  1. hey, noticed you stopped by my page. Welcome to the org, hope it provides a place for you to vent, help others, and find some useful info on this sh- I mean acne.

  2. Picking MAKES me tired/stressed. I'm happy as long as I'm not doing it, no matter how hard anything in life is, i'm happy to deal with it as long as I'm not alone in my room beating the sh*t out of myself
  3. Is anyone else totally OCD about oily skin? I have this feeling my skin isn't even that oily but when I wake up in the morning, i feel like my pores are totaly clogged. I take a shower... and feel like they are still clogged. So I start pickin' on the KP
  4. I didn't believe in ghosts until transferring to Longwood University about a year ago- place is totally haunted.
  5. Used to do it to distract myself from picking at my skin. Didn't work
  6. Ran cross-country @ the collegiate level for a few years. Used to have that same problem. It's totally mental. Stick a cough drop in your mouth
  7. YES!! Defenitely do that, once I stopped it was smooth sailing
  8. Thats probably a very good way to approach this mess; where do we start? The answer is I have no idea. I am often confused about life. Ive often been called lazy dumb spoiled etc… but it wasnt always like this... I Am not worried about my alcohol consumption; it helps me relax. If I am an alcoholic.... then maybe its next on my list of things to take care of. First I really have to deal with this skin-picking thing. Its driving me insane.
  9. What in the world do politics and religion have to do with acne?!?
  10. Ok so Ive probably had worse days than this and I can imagine many of you probably have had worse, too, but I really feel like shit right now... Im totally tearing myself up- in more ways than one. I drank heavily Friday Saturday and Sunday so Ive felt pretty awful all day today and all day yesterday. I woke up late this morning, bummed it to class, and tried to go for a run, because now, on top of having discusting skin, I am also now getting fat. I'm not lazy, in fact, I really love to go j