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  1. I'm feelin' you. I have to go to campus riding my bike, and I'm a klutz, so there is no way i am riding my bike and holding an umbrella at the same time (it's amazing how dutch people can do this). And my rain coat is basically useless, so by the time I got to campus I'm a complete mess. That's why I always bring my stick concealer with me, so at least I can cover the monster zits.
  2. I'm usually the kind of person that can stand up for myself, except when it comes to acne. If people make rude comments on my hair, weight, etc I would snap back at them, but when they mock me because of my acne I usually kept quiet because it's a very sensitive issue for me. I just read the other thread about meanest thing people said about your acne, and I'm wondering have you ever fight back and defend yourself. Once I am so fed up with this woman at work, because she always have rude commen
  3. For some reason, people like to make comment about my acne and appereance in general. Even if I only have one acne on my face, people at work*especially women* will say "You have acne" in front of everyone, very happy to announce to everyone that I have flaws. Right now I don't have active acne but I have scars on my cheek which I covered with concealer, and this woman at work looked at my cheek very closely *seriously, her stupid face was only an inch away from my face* and said out loud "Wai
  4. Just like some people, when my skin was clear I never noticed if the guy I'm dating had acne or not, unless it's severe. When I started dating my husband 8 years ago I never noticed that he had acne *very mild though in my opinion* untill my brother *who had moderate acne* brought it up. So, yes I would date guys with acne, well not now obviously since I'm married Ironically, now my husband is the one with clear skin while I am experiencing adult acne. How very convenient for me.
  5. For me the first one is hormone, my doctor told me that my estrogen is too high which contributes to my adult acne. Then stress and sugar. I've studied abroad for one year, away from my family, all alone without hardly any friend, and in this one year my skin has literally changed 180o, I was clean back then but just in one year my skin has changed into this creature that i don't even know. And every time i have krispy kreme or sugary food I can feel my face starts to itch, the sign of acne stor
  6. In all seriousness, don't do it. If he really wants your advice, he'll ask you. I know you have good intention, but from my experience I always hate people who gave me unwanted advice about my acne, and wish they kept their mouth shut.
  7. All is left to do now is to leave them alone, hopefully they will flatten in a day. Cortisone shot work almost everytime, you just have to be patient, and the number one rule is of course never pick after the shot. Remember, it's not exactly cheap to get the shot so next time you'll prevent yourself from picking.
  8. Ahhh...i love this forum, everytime i open this forum i can see people writing exactly what i'm thinking. I absolutely hate it when people tell me acne make me look ugly. I actually think I'm not bad to look at, and even with my acne I am still pretty. I have come to a very vain conclusion, that being the cute and pretty person that I am, people are jealous because they can see even with acne i am still pretty and therefore they try to bring me down with their words. Well, screw them, we are bea
  9. Picked just now. Arrrgghhh....everytime i'm going out and i put on concealer i can see my skin all red and bumpy and i'll just pick on it. Tomorrow is a new day.
  10. I'm almost 28, starting to get acne at 23. Had accutane when I was 24, was clear for about half of year, but then acne came back. I think it's also depend on the cause of your acne, I think mine is mostly caused by stress, and I think as long as stress stil controlling me the acne will never fully go away.
  11. Thanks for the support guys, next time I enter a fitting room I'll concentrate on my sweet butt *vain hahahaha*.
  12. You are beautiful and your eyes are fierce *did I really just utter that word hahaha*. You'll be fine without any makeup. It is funny though, when I see your picture I can be objective and say that your acne really doesn't distract me from your beautiful facial feature. But I myself, feel the same way as you do, that my acne is very horrible and therefore needs to be cover with tons of concealer and foundation. Maybe we're being to hard on ourselves.
  13. My skin has especially becoming worse since a month ago, first it was my left cheek. I don't know what's wrong, but my left cheek broken out so bad a month ago, to the point that I was so depressed and cannot function properly. Then, a week ago just when I was happy that it's getting better, now my right cheek is doing the same thing as the left a month ago. It is so ugly beyond words, cysts, pustules, flaky skin. I really want to cry. I'm currently in the process of a groupwork in my universi
  14. Well, maybe I should look at the bright side. At least it will be good for my financial condition if I don't want to try on clothes, cause it will decrease my shopping intensity . Anyway, the other thing about fitting room is the light there is pure evil. It makes my skin look worse than it really is.
  15. It's one of my "what have I done to myself, i blame you acne" moment. I'll try to remember this feeling if ever I have the urge again.