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  1. Can't. I don't have insurance. I stopped taking the borage oil and Lecithin and the rash cleared up. Is there another gla type product that i can take. I read that evening primrose oil is not good for o blood types. Anything else that is a gla that would work well? Thanks.
  2. allergic to borage oil or Lecithin. What now? I broke out in a really bad arm rash on both arms from taking it. Is there any onther gla that i can take? My blood type is O-. So upseting because it was working really well and my face was almost 100% clear.
  3. How does everyone feel about Canus having DMDM Hydantoin in the ingredients? http://sci-toys.com/ingredients/DMDM_hydantoin.html
  4. I just used the zum lemongrass bar for the first time today. What is everyone's opinion on the lemongrass zum goat soap? Was it a bad idea to get this brand? I am not willing to use canus so i am trying out the zum until my alabu sample arrives?
  5. Anyone use goatsmilk soap other than Zum and canus and like it? I would love to try a goatsmilk soap but i worry about the ingredients being food grade olive, coconut, soybean and castor oils, cocoa butter and sodium hydroxide. Has anyone tried the alabu goats milk soap? So if anyone knows anything about goatsmilk soap and wants to comment please do so. My purpose bar soap is drying me out.
  6. It stopped burning and making my eyes water after like 10 minutes. Everything is fine now.
  7. Hi, I put nixoderm on my face for the first time tonight. I made sure to not put any close to my eyes. It has a cooling type of burning sensation and i am wondering how long it lasts. It keeps making my eyes tear up and all. I put enough on that it is like a very light white mask. Did i put more on than needed? please help.
  8. I use almay clear complexion transclucant(sp?) and now it is gone. I looked at the New almay clear complexion ivory shade and it is way to dark to be ivory. Thre is no transclucant shade anymore. I won't even buy it. So, now i am on a hunt for a new light colored/ivory shade of powder. Why do they always discontinue something that is good?
  9. Hi, I an now trying out the jane iredale magic mitt when washing my face. This product removes makeup with a mitt made of fabric that contains microfibers. I have used it twice and so far think it is doing a good job of removing oil/make up but we will see how it does in the long run. I am washing my face with the mitt and warm water-no face soap at all. Curious if anyone else has tried it as it is a fairly new product.