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  1. This might sound immature but I decided it would be best just to send my friend an e-mail outlining my concerns. I made it quite lengthy as it included a number of different things about our friendship. I made sure to be as direct to the point as possible without being over bearing in the way I worded certain points that I wanted her to understand. I even told her I was too scared to tell her everything face to face. I hope she understands and isn't mad at me. And yes I was completely honest wit
  2. This. OP, how would you feel if your friend started critiquing the way you styled your hair or the clothes you liked to wear because she was concerned about what people might think when the two of you were together? If you're her friend, be her friend for exactly who she is, and that includes the way she does her makeup. Don't try to change her. ; ) I can see your point except it's embarrassing when my friends are hanging out with me and telling me that my female friend's face looks b
  3. Since I'm a guy I don't know anything about makeup but I know enough to know the way she is applying it doesn't look natural. I'm just more worried about how others perceive her when we're out together. I don't think I would be able to convince her to go out without makeup considering she wears it everyday even to class. It sounds like I'm nitpicking but honestly this has been bugging me and its doesn't help that I'm semi-OCD. I'm just afraid if I try to talk about this with her might be awkward
  4. This is probably a typical story with acne suffers but I'm friends with a girl who has moderate-severe acne scars. We happened to meet in college as we both have the same classes. We get along awesome and hang out after school quite often whether its at the mall or my apartment. I have a nagging issue which I don't know how to handle with her as I don't want to come off insulting. The problem is sometime when I see her she seems to not apply her makeup on properly. I know scars can hinder the ap
  5. sorry but I'm not the guilty one here I came her to get support and sympathy but clearly nobody understands how I feel. I just lost a great girl but she threw it all away by basically giving me the middle finger by lying. She's not the type of girl to get embarassed about acne, trust me I know her personality I've said other stuff about her in a teasing way that she just accepted as a joke And yes I haven't dated much and if girls keep lying to me and being hurtful towards me then I won't be
  6. nevermind.. didn't think i would be getting the backlash from everyone who obviously dont see it from my perspective. point to be made is that the girl and I hit it off really well online and basically shared everything together. alot of personal things too. my frustration is that she blatantly lied to me and i don't have room in life for liars. if she admitted that she was going through breakouts I would be sympathetic and it would be a non issue. despite acne being sensitive issue to talk a
  7. Hey guys sup Long time member but mostly a lurker who has suffered from chronic acne since early teens. I just want to state that I have no problems with dating girls with skin problems but when they continually lie to you about not having skin problems then its where I draw the line. I met this girl online and we chatted on skype. We also swapped pics and I did notice she has mild acne from the bumps on her skin. Although it wasn't really major I just went with the flow and didn't press the i
  8. Hate to break it to you but anything less than 5 grams of B5 isn't going to give you any of the desired results that 10-20 grams will get you. You'll just be wasting your time and money.
  9. Guys shouldn't be wearing any sort of makeup end of discussion. Makeup is for girls and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is lying. Makeup is not manly and thats the reason so many gay males wear it. I really hope the guys on here who wear makeup realize all they are doing is making things worse.
  10. Actually Carrots are very bad if you are on an anti candida diet. Carrots are filled with sugar. They are very starchy and don't provide all that much benefit in terms of nutrients. If you care about your health I wouldn't eat a lot of carrots. 1 or 2 is probably ok but still it has tons of sugar. Worst vegetable you could eat besides potatoes.
  11. Is it really just 50mg of zinc citrate, or is it 50mg of elemental zinc from zinc citrate. If it's the first one, then you're not really getting much zinc at all. Again, what brand are you using? Is it one of those cheap walmart brands that have disgusting fillers in them that do you more harm than good? Also, are you taking it with food or without food? You realize that fiber foods, grains, and foods containing zinc antagonists like iron and calcium will impede zinc absorption. It j
  12. zinc citrate 50mg diet is good. I eat lots of fruits, vegetables and meat. Haven't ate any crap like processed foods, candy dairy My biggest pet peeve is the fact people recommend these so called supplement cures and you know what, its just futile. I don't have a lot of money to spend on top of my grocery bills so this extra money is really important and seeing it go to waste sucks.
  13. I've been using zinc for about 2 weeks and I'm so sick and tired of people recommending certain pills which never seem to do anything at all. I bought this supplement because I heard its supposed to help make the skin look better. Well I just wasted like $20 because this zinc hasn't changed my skin at all. I could even go so far to say its made my skin worse. Just frustrated right now
  14. Whats the point of starting this restrictive diet if you're gonna mess it up by cheating once a week. Its either 100% effort or else I wouldn't bother because the day you cheat is basically a setback. I know it takes a lot of mental focus and can seem daunting to stick to such a restrictive meal plan. However, there's no point in undergoing this new plan unless you're fully committed.
  15. Yes it normal. Just your skin purging. Don't let this detract you from B5's effectiveness. If you keep on taking B5 you will see dramatic results.