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  1. You know, you definitely have something there. Because I too used to have clear skin before a change of environment. I moved from my adoring home into my grandfather's home with my family because we were losing money. For a while, I had to share a room with my whole family. But a lot of stressed ensued, for the lack of privacy, and I started breaking out after moving in. Stress definitely causes acne, yet acne also causes stress. The vicious cycle rolls on.
  2. desperation leads many people to do things that they would not normally do. Some businesses thrive on desperation, like ProActive, plastic surgeons, casinos, prostitution. As hard as it may be for you to look in that mirror and be content with what you have, you have to objectively look at your situation, and realize that you are going to be offered many "solutions" for your acne, but the only solution that's inevitable is burning your wallet. I've been there, I have now learned my lesson. If yo
  3. lol yes, I can't get enough of peanut butter

  4. yeah, peanutbutter!!! hahaha

  5. Thanks. However, I feel not knowing me on a personal level actually increases the value of the advice given. As the stranger can not be subjective towards me. If I were to ask my family or friends whether or not I should run away, I have this feeling they won't say "yes, burn bridges with us." Perhaps Berkeley is the best choice, as I can still choose to lead a new life after I graduate. However, why postpone it for Berkeley? For financial security? For the prestige? So I can have the chance to
  6. I would like to start off by saying that I have been posting a lot of threads recently, and for the small handful that might have noticed, I apologize for making myself look vain. It's just a lot of issues (unprecedented might I add) have surfaced into my life over this summer, and quite frankly, I dont know who else to tell this to... These issues, which not all I have entirely discussed, has put me over the edge (not go run amuk with murder over the edge, but over the edge nonetheless) and ha
  7. sunscreens contain chemicals that can harm your skin or at the least be irritating. so you should not be wearing sunscreen everyday. especially if you are prone to acne. do some research about the dangers of the chemicals in sunscreen yourselves. you'll be surprised. HOWEVER if you plan to spend a long time in the sun (more than a couple hours) then you really need to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays. Burning your skin is more damaging than the irritation from the chemical
  8. I recently had one done (last wednesday), because the doctor suggested it to me the day I visited her (I can be impulsive). I have enlarged pores and some shallow scars on my right cheek. But supposedly it helps best with pigmentation, and I have a lot of blemishes that make my acne look worse than it really is. The first day or two, I looked into the mirror, and was shockingly pleased with the immediate results. It looked as if my enlarged pores and shallow scars were just wiped off like dirt.
  9. honestly, I used to be very conscious of diet. I only drank three liquids for a 2-3 year span (water, orange juice, and milk), with water being the primary drink. I ate fast food maybe 2-3 times a year, and would eat home cooked meals instead. Sometimes I would fix up a vegetable/fruit shake, and i would eat at least 2 bananas a day. And you know something, from my memory, I started breaking out a lot less. I remember I used to think, "man, if i only did this as a pre-adolescent/ young teenager,
  10. yea I live in LA county, i live around Pico Rivera/Whittier. You can see downtown from the bridge connection. Representin' the 562 until I die! Or until I move

  11. hey whats up! your from LA what part? I'm from the sfv

  12. I'm 42 and I haven't grown out of it. Granted, I don't have as many cysts as I used to, but I still have oily skin with lots of whiteheads and I still occasionally get multiple cysts (usually if I'm eating bad and not drinking lots of water though). Sorry to be a downer, but I don't think we can just tell people they'll automatically grow out of it. I meant mentally. I am well aware of adult acne too. I still have acne, but it doesnt control my life as much as it used to. Everyone has those
  13. Theoretically you are absolutely correct...theoretically. Yes getting a big zit in the middle of your face will be accentuated more for the simple fact that it is in the middle. As you mentioned, no one talks to people while focusing on their jawline. They look into the middle of their face. I think the absolute worse place to get a pimple is on the nose (which adheres to what you're saying), however I think getting a pimple around your jawline is worse than on your high-middle cheek area or chi