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  1. Well there we have it. Already getting used for scars. More treatments and results will come in 2022 when it goes mainstream.
  2. Im kinda baffled they haven't microcored a single scar with this just out of curiosity. Even just very small scars. Goes to show that scars take a back seat and wrinkles are still the major draw card. Sad but true. More money in wrinkles clearly. 3 prong needle gauge by the looks moving from right to left inside a small box shaped perimeter. Also seems to hit the entire area of that square. This is where it would become tricky for the operator to navigate and accurately target scars
  3. How have we not heard at least one case of tgis being used on someone off label yet? On a hair loss forum someone mentioned a couple of surgeons in NY were using it on FUE and getting complete regenration of hair follicles. Could be BS who knows
  4. Microcoring has been approved and whilst its only for loose skin atm I have no doubt somewhere some Practitioner/clinic will use it for scars but probably smaller scars to begin with. Only a few key practitioners are approved to use it atm. 2022 it will go full commercial roll out. If you have smaller scars and not so spread I think you will potentially benefit more from Microcoring. There are question marks around how much skin can safely be removed especially in younger patients.
  5. Cytrellis are harder to get information out of with regard to scars but they hinted to me they are working on some development devices in the background and to stay tuned. Recros medica have a little more info on there site with ambitions to target scars and tattoos but they are lagging behind on the timeline. They believe they can remove tattoos in 4 to 5 treatments and reduce the surface area of scars. Skin rejuvenation/tightening will always take precedence when it comes to who is
  6. Micro coring and Laser are very different, lasers use heat whereas Microcoring removes tissue mechanically. Micro coring is much closer to needling. Medical Needling (3mm) has given me pretty good results but it has its limits and when you reach a certain point you need something else. That last 20-30% is the hurdle to high, it is the brick wall we haven't knocked over yet I was once told by a Derm. Thats why Im interested in Microcoring for its ability to remove tissue without leaving scar
  7. The reason there is excitement around Microcoring is because of its potential, nobody knows if it will 100% work but it already offers more hope than Lasers. It aims to remove unwanted tissue whereas Laser will only serve to manipulate and reorganize scar tissue, not actually remove it. The photos from Microcoring that we have seen are only 1-3 treatments. It would be interesting to see after 10+ sessions of treatment to acne scar or any scar really. The issue with Acne scars is the scatter
  8. This is a Scarless healing Thread. Please dont waste our time with discussion about Lasers that have a long track record of doing bugger all for scars, any results you see are minimal and probably a result of swelling, I speak from experience. People want to remove their scars not improve them marginally and lose a lot of money in the messy process. The momentum for scarless healing has gathered much more steam the past 5 or so years because of inferior current day treatments. Lasers and ot
  9. You clearly dont understand what off label use means but anyway thanks for your thoughts. Btw the entire world doesnt wait on the FDA, that's an American problem. An approved drug thats already used safely in humans will not take decades to get the ok that satisfies physicians/dermatologist so Im not sure why you are taking such a pessimistic outlook on all of this. Yes I agree we dont know what the results will be in humans yet but its promising so far and as someone else mentioned th
  10. It was mentioned briefly in an article that thry had tested it on a pig with a 5 inch wound they created
  11. If your scarring is minimal to moderate in patches I think Microcoring might genuinely help with enough sessions. It goes deep beyond the dermis so removal of scar tissue wont be an issue its just happening on a micro scale so its going to take time. We have seen before and afters on stretch marks after 1 or 2 treatments and it has reduced the amount of scarring so you can imagine getting 10+ sessions should be even more impressive. I dont know if Verteporfin can infiltrate those tiny micro core
  12. Hopefully Microcoring can help as it would carry less risk however it could be to slow and the hole size would be so small i dont know if Verteporfin would sit in suvh a tiny wound. Otherwise maybe punch excision but thats only if Verteporfin truly works the way they hope. Lasers wont do anything, you need a wound site.
  13. Scar tissue has to be removed
  14. Have to make an incision same as Verteporfin, scar tissue would need to be removed.