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  1. Iam a Sophmore in highschool. I got to say its somewhat good and somewhat bad. My first year of highschool wasnt much different than 8th grade(nice) other than its a little harder. Acne didnt really trouble me so much because I used to hide my acne with my hair. The begining of sophmore year kinda sucked. I cut my hair and people could see my neck acne it sucked hella bad. I have good friends though. I know like 80% of my class and iam pretty cool with everyone. So when they asked me whats up wi
  2. my back acne is alot worse. Especially my sholders i think its my backback constantly walking around school. Iam a high school student though so i will NEVER have a roller backpack lol. Your acne is not that bad compared to me. I would still be embarassed though but not as much
  3. wow thats a big improvment. My back acne is different though (worse). I only have it on my sholders and neck but its pretty bad same with my upper chest . I used to have long hair but i cut it off several months ago.I think iam going to try the H&S thing.
  4. I guess you can say I had a girlfriend but i wouldnt count it. It was only like 1 day. So yeah iam lonely lol ive only asked 3 girls out before. Iam working on another right now. This time I actually really talked to her. I call her and talk to her alot more than the 3 other girls. But sadly i think it will still end with a no. It would be weird if she said no cause In my spanish class i sit right next to the 2 girls i asked out and if she says no then i would be surrounded by the girls who reje
  5. dude iam like you 15 year old boy who cant stop thinking about this one girl. Tomorrow we were supposed to go the park and play soccer(with her friend) and i was thinking about asking her out there if things went well. But guess what it got canceled lol she has to go to san jose but i guess iam now going somewhere too. She lives close to me. So i was also thinking about just calling her and tell her to go outside so i can ask her out. it sucks though cause i think she will say no. It would just
  6. you took it the wrong way. I meant that i dont like ignorant people. NO shit hitler was fuckin bad he killed millions of people. Same with Stalin he killed twice the people hittler did maybe more and the bad thing about it was that they were his own people. You just took it the wrong way dont get all butt hurt. this is some online forum. I dont like it when people are ignorant there were way worse people than hitler in history.
  7. Yeah all that shit really grinds my gears too.. I am a guitarist but I dont mind rap. The new stuff really grinds my gears but some oldskool stuff I like, eg. Bonethugs N' Harmony (probably the greatest rap group ever!), Snoop, Pac, Eazy E, Nate dogg and Waren G.. Hehe, Metallica really grind my gears! Maybe I'm just saying that because I am a musician but oh boy, I could go on for days about why Metallica piss me off! Dude Metallica rocks what are you talking about. Well the other guy i
  8. You know what really grinds my gears? when i call the girl i like and she never calls back. Or when she makes plans and destroys them like 10 minutes later. Those stupid rap songs... omg like soldier boy and iam so hood like what the hell are you talking about a stupid dance and how HARDCORE YOUR LIFE IS. wow but dont get me wrong some rap is ok like some of tupac and snoop dogs stuff is ok. As long as it has decent lyrics or somthing that is really life relating like your family members dying
  9. oh yeah another reason why iam not jealous of my best friends cause we all have somthing in common. Like i have 4 really close friends and we all have messed up families like split up parents and you know what else is weird is that we are all half white lol. well iam half asian but there half mexican. and all of our parents are white. Did you guys ever notice that its usually the father who is white while the mother is a different race. You shouldnt be jealous of your friends just be happy for
  10. iam not jealous of my friends. All my best friends play sports but i dont. If you arnt good at one thing try to excell in another thats part of the reason why i want to learn how to play guitar. Good hobby too just try not to jealous and do better things for your self.
  11. you know what really grinds my gears? the naked brothers band. I know there just kids doing what they do I have no problems with that. But I think its gay when they write songs about long distance relationships when they are only like 10 years old. You dont even do anything when your that age its just like being their best friend.
  12. I sure am. I have so many problems with my life now(stepdad,girls,school,looks and acne) that iam starting to give up on the girl i like. One of the reasons is that she wont answer my calls anymore. She either doesnt want to talk to me or she doesnt have her phone with her. I think iam getting the cold shoulder
  13. You know what reallly grinds my gears? My stepdad is fuckin retard i hate him. Today he called the cops on me. Cause I said if you ever touch me or my sister I will beat your ass. Its not a threat its a warning. Long story short my dad is a crippled bastard. I know iam comming off as a bad person but seriously iam a very nice one. like come on my nickname at school is smiley. Hes the only person whos like that to me.
  14. well for me girls give me hugs but there usually the type of people who give hugs out like high fives lol well if you know them and they say hi to you. The girl that i like i give her high fives alot lol well whatever. And for girls make sure you pick up your phone. I feel stupid cause i called the girl i like today like 3 times and she never answers lol i know sad. let me tell you a funny story and please dont give false hope to guys. Last week when i called her she asked me if she wanted to go