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  1. Jck17

    What type of scars do i have?

    Hi incepticon how is your skin now? Have you noticed more improvement in your scars after your last post? I am seeing Dr. Emil soon for subcision+filler and would love to see more updates.
  2. Jck17

    Acne Scarring 2018 - 2019

    Please keep us updated!! I am planning to have my treatment with doctor Emil and would love to see more of your updates
  3. Jck17


    Wow!! nice results. Please keep us updated!
  4. Jck17

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    Wow... when did you have the TCA cross treatment done? I just read YOUR comment on this page on Monday saying the following: Hi my name is TM and i have similar scarring....I have tried everything inc lasers, fillers, needling, dermal grafts, excisions etc with no results at all....I have also done subcision and skin still looks the same....I have not tried tca cross but I have greatly heard this makes scars bigger so please take care and keep me informed of any treatments you undertake and im
  5. Jck17

    Subcision in France/ Switzerland?

    Thank you for your help. Of course I have seen several doctors pop up when searching on google. The problem is that none of them are acne scar revision specialists. All I find are laser treatments performed by plastic surgeons / estheticians especialised in botox and the likes- but unfortunately I am not interested in those. I am looking for a scar revision specialist.
  6. Does anyone know of a good subcision specialist in France or Switzerland? I have been looking for one everywhere but it seems that the only two respected specialists are in London and Denmark!!!! can't believe there isn't any in Switzerland or France. Please, share your contact if you know of anyone. Thank you.
  7. Jck17

    Help! acne scar! bad healing, scar after subcision

    Hi, I understand the anxiety acne scars can cause BUT please know that your skin doesn't look bad AT all. You can't just rely on a laser you did two years ago to maintain the quality of your skin, which means you need a daily skincare routine to exfoliate, hydrate, trigger collagen and protect. What is your skincare routine like? I highly recommend Tretinoin and Vit C for collagen production, sun damage and the skin concerns you are talking about. I have acne scars but I honestly love the te
  8. Wow. Congratulations. Were the herbs prescribed by a naturopath or you chose the yourself? Will you continue taking the herbs long term? Your skin looks great!