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  1. Are you also doing the chembrasion with the same doctor that did the subcision?
  2. Hey! Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your updates
  3. Hey! I imagine how stressful this is especially when you are in college. Please don't try to find when everything went downhill because that only adds more stress to the whole situation. I spent years trying to figure out where I went wrong and how I went from clear skin to cystic acne in my early 20's. I have also dealt with acne but for a longer time than you. I also have high DHEAS levels and I'm very slim. I have tried everything under the sun minus birth c
  4. Hi! Is your dr Clara Boudney Frey? Also, is she located in Zurich? I'm sorry, I'm also in Switzerland but in the French part and don't understand her website :-) Would you mind me asking how much you paid for subcision + consultation? Thank you :-)
  5. You can look for NARS, Bobbi Brown or MAC (those are the best IME but of course you can try other brands) Just go to a beauty counter and let them help you choose the appropriate shade. Make sure the undertone matches your skin undertone (yellow, pink...) You can also get a BB cream or a tinted sunscreen. Just watch YouTube videos to learn how to apply it
  6. That's not so nice of you taking into account the context in which this question is being asked. I don't think this is the place to point out that sort of things. From the title, you can already tell he's struggling with anxiety due to scarring so probably not the nicest/best thing to point out. I think he came to this forum solely to ask advice regarding scarring, not other stuff.
  7. Thanks for sharing your journey. I would be happy to follow your journey. Please keep us updated
  8. I wouldn't be so dogmatic with the belief of food causing acne. Most likely most of the foods you mentioned are not triggering your acne (besides high GI ones and maybe dairy) but maybe you just happen to have acne and you randomly break out from hormonal reasons. PCOS acne comes in cycles because hormones work in the same way. As we get older, hormone levels change and your body adapts to them accordingly. When we have PCOS it can be worse as we have already a hormo
  9. Hi! I have been on 20mg of Accutane for over three months. First month I had my period as usual. Second month it was late a few days but besides that it was normal; now, third month it's late for almost 10 days. I feel like my body is trying hard to menstruate but it just can't. I have sore breasts and cramps an I am spotting but no period yet. This has never happened to me before so I am a bit concerned as I am sure it's the medicine causing this. I am not on birth c
  10. Have you considered therapy? If acne is affecting you to that extent therapy can be necessary. You are not alone. Many of us regardless of the severity of our acne/scars struggle every day with anxiety, dépression and many other mental side effects of having acne.
  11. Female and 37 years old still suffering from cystic (red, inflamed) acne is most likely caused by an hormonal disorder. ''Speaking of weight loss though... this is the other reason why I'm uncertain about the diet/acne connection. Obese people eat terribly, yet I have never seen an obese person on these shows with severe (and I mean SEVERE) acne... Yes they might have minor skin problems but I've never seen an obese person with severe (like, distractingly severe) acne.''
  12. Honestly, I would give in and try Accutane. I also have PCOS and after years of trying diets, topicals, herbs, supplements and everything else I am on Accutane and you can't imagine the peace of mind... It's true that us with PCOS have a slightly higher chance of relapsing but it doesn't mean Accutane can't be the cure to our acne. I decided to go on Accutane also because I prefer to be on a strong drug for ~ 6-months and be over with it rather than taking something long te
  13. Hi BA! Thank you so much for your prompt response- as always. OK, I guess I will just wait and do it after my Accutane course.