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  1. I sent an e-mail to the address you gave me Brandy ([email protected]) nearly two weeks ago and I have still not received an answer. I am using a really small amount of the soap just to make sure it will last a little longer. I understand that there has been a lot of work for the staff people. I've sent another e-mail today so hopefully they will get in touch with me pretty soon.
  2. I ordered 2 bottles of Dan's gentle cleanser and the cardboard along with the bottles were damaged. One of the bottles was just half full and both of the pumps were broken. The cardbord and the bottles were all covered with soap. I have sent an email but I have not received any answer, I don't know what to do? I would really like a compensation for this cause it is not my fault.
  3. You have been free from acne for about 2 weeks, and now your face is oily ,does your face itch too? It might be so that your acne is coming back, what you describe is typically signs that your acne is comming back. If not then take it easy and wait a couple of more weeks and se how your skin is going to react. Remember that you have been using BP for 2 years of course your face is going to react a little strange in the beginning. And your say that you are thinking about using accutane, I wonde
  4. According to my derm it's not rosascea I don't have red skin that comes vid rosascea...but that's a thing that I am affraid off getting by using BP. I've heard that BP can give rosascea. But the good news is that I have mild acne so I don't have to use full finger and also apply BP only every other night.
  5. No I am using lukewarm water so that can't be it. I've heard that Retins and noncomedogenic acne mediciations like Differin can give blood vassels but I don't know how it is with BP. My father has tiny blood vassels in different parts of his face, so I think as you say that it is genetic. Just hopping that I don't get more vassels when using BP over a long period af of time and that BP is the cause of it.
  6. I apply BP only at nightime and just 1/4 finger every other night and when I wake up in the morning and wash my face off I get tiny blood vessels on my nose and it freaks me out. But the thing is that they disappear after about one hour. I've been using BP for about 2 months with really good results. I have sensitive skin and have 3 visible blood vessels on my nose that are really tiny and you can hardly see them, so I probably have the tendency to get blood vessels but I am affraid that somed
  7. I'm a little concerned about the benzoyl peroxide effects in the long run since it is a chemical. How long is it ok for us to use BP and how does it effect our skin? Is there a study done that show how the skin is effected in the long run by BP not just Dan’s BP but every BP or any other acne medication for that matter? I was reading on the message board that there were a few people that got really red, flaky and got really sensitive skin after about 2 years when using Bp. Someone wrote that