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  1. The adrenal support is an ongoing thing. Reducing stimulants, getting plenty of sleep are great natural ways to support the adrenals. Lawrence Wilson writes a book called "Adrenal Fatigue, Disease of the 21st century" that really explains a lot including supplements and diet. I've found Licorice root tincture, B-complex to be helpful. Excessive stress on the adrenals can cause acne, not specific vitamins unless you are taking gross amounts.
  2. Hi all. I used to come here very frequently when I was having a lot of problems with my skin. This was over 5+ years ago, and I found this message board to be very helpful during that time. I noticed with a lot of these message boards that when people heal or get better they are never to be heard from again. I wanted to come back to let users know that I did completely clear my skin without any prescription medication. It is possible, and it didn't happen overnight. It absolutely had to do with
  3. Well testing is always a good route to find how you react to foods. What is your blood type?
  4. It sounds strange, but yes if your body so desires. Learning to rely on our body's biochemical feedback can be tremendously helpful in getting into balance. With that being said, the goal of a lot of people is to cure acne and eating junkfood will not reduce acne lesions but probably promote new acne. It depends what your long term goals are. Coming into balance requires a program that is flexible. Nothing is static, and a lot of people come in here, and recommend a program which is static.
  5. Considering that you don't eat wheat very often, I think the fact that commercial wheat is bromated, and bleached is inconsequential to your situation. I think you can still enjoy small amounts within reason. I believe you can enjoy eggs freely as well. Sticking to the foods are available, and of a whole food source sound like a great idea for you.
  6. Sweetheart, please see this as an opportunity to fully enjoy your vacation. If you take probiotics, you'll really have nothing to worry about. Act within reason. During times of stress(which vacation can be) the body, and adrenal glands need extra nutrients, usually in the form of refined, sugary, and fat laden foods. This is controversial, but a lot of people are rather novice in their knowledge here. I could write at length but, the increased need for these foods is valid. Cholesterol creates
  7. It sounds like you're over analyzing the diet. Try and do the best you can. It's great to have a diverse diet. It sounds like your diet is made up of a lot of traditional Indian staples. Their are a lot of americans on this board here, and america has no traditional diet what so ever. The benefits of a traditional diet, especially one with roots that are thousands of years old are that your genetics have had many years to be able to digest these foods effeciently. Not only that but these foods p
  8. Actually, the harmful lectins and anti-nutrients are in the bran of the rice husk. Generally acne patients tent to adopt a low carbohydrate diet, which is clincally documented to cause reduced thyroid function in long-term studies. Glucose is necessary for the conversion of T4 to T3 in the liver. Also, documented is the widespread use of dietary carbohydrates as the basis of most diets in the world, AND low prevalence of acne. Two of the largest staples in the world's diet are wheat, and white
  9. I think the key is to eat proteins that you can digest effeciently, and to eat enough. Some people go on high protein diets, which increases their level of inflammation because they are not properly breaking it all down. Yes the villi can replenish themselves once the stress is diminshed, whether that be psychological, or from diet. The body has incredibly amazing healing ability. aanabill, you're diet sounds really well rounded. In fact your whole program sounds very good Keep it up!
  10. Their are a lot, if not all nutritional camps that like to vilify wheat and white rice. Yes these foods are high on the glycemic index, BUT when consumed with protein and fat the glycemic load changes. Originally when foods were tested for the concept of Glycemic Index, foods were isolated and fed to individuals to then test subsequent blood sugar levels. The only thing is that we don't eat these foods by themselves unless you are on some sort of wacky mono diet. White rice has been the biggest
  11. Rose is one of the most popular essential oils for the face.
  12. Start to track your cycle. Their is a natural rise and fall of progesterone, and estrogen during your cycles. When your estrogen, and especially progesterone are at a peak, usually during ovulation your body is much stronger, because your adrenals don't have to take up the extra slack of producing sex hormones. Then these hormones naturally fall, and are extremely low around day 21. It is here, that it would behoove you to take the extra necessary supplements to support your endocrine system, as
  13. The easiest, and most neutral way is fat. Plain, and simple. Fat does not release glucagon, nor insulin. From a hormonal standpoint, it is the safest way to gain weight. Ghee, butter, nuts, seeds, animal fat, oils, etc. If you are not effecient at digesting these, then you can take a bile acid supplement, and/or lipase.
  14. Anti-inflammatory foods are naturally going to be almost all the alkaline foods. All fruits and vegetables, with special emphasis on deep dark leafy greens and berries. Sprouted grain, and seed will even be anti-inflammatory to a certain extent. Inflammatory foods are going to be wheat products, dairy, meats, and unsprouted nuts and seeds. It's all about balance though. Grains, meats, and dairy aren't necessarily bad, and can even be beneficial to a degree. A sample meal for me, and even one of