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  1. hey i just read your log and it's really re-assuring. i am just finishing up month 1 on 40mg/day and then getting bumped up to 80mg/day just like you. i'm glad you had good results because hopefully it will do the same for me. i have already noticed a big improvement in month 1, especially with my oiliness. i use to have to carry those oil wipes everywhere i went and my skin would get so oily very quickly. but now, the oil is gone. its so amazing. i cant wait for time to go on where hopefully it
  2. hey glad to hear things are improving. are you still on 40mg/day?
  3. hey good to hear you're doing well. i'm about 3 weeks in and my skin is improving i think (not as oily). I'm starting to get slight headaches and am wondering if they will go away or not. thanks.
  4. hey. that's weird that your skin is weird especially on day 86. i was wondering im a 21 m and weigh 150lbs. my derm put me on 40mg once a day. do you think that is a low dose for me?
  5. hey i read your whole log, congratulations. i just started yesterday on 40mg/day. is it recommended to take the dose at the same time each day or does it matter.. thanks.
  6. sounds like your doing good.. i just started on 40 mg/day. wish me luck!
  7. yo.. i just started on tuesday aug 21 with the same dosage as you.. good luck man. im crossing my fingers too =)