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  1. Reading this thread I have a few comments- please do not find the statements insulting, as I am a third party observer. 1. In context of Chu, as BA has suggested he may not be the correct specialist for you. Prof got his title NOT for scar revision but for general dermatology and his work on histocytosis - he is well respected by his peers in Europe and overseas. Many Well known derms refer patients to him, and places trust that he will look after the majority of patients. He is not financ
  2. I agree with BAs management. It is good that you have some baseline pictures. Many people find it useful to conduct at home acne treatments. This forum, as advised by Lim is probably the best place to seek SAFE treatment that one can undertake at home. The use of DermaRoller to say 0.5 mm can be effective. As you are coming off ACCUTANE your skin will improve in the next 2-3 months. This is the only scenario that I would advice Pico lasers (Picosure). Pico lasers can improve your PIH and decrea
  3. The biggest mistake we see with TCA is that people treat the wrong scars. Heck, if normal dermatologist don't know how to treat scars, how do we expect someone who subjectively is in a bad place, to make objective decisions on their scar type then attempt to treat them effectively AND safely. Extremely hard to do for anyone- even the most motivated and educated. Making objective decisions in such as subjective topic is near impossible . The good news is that your scars are not hard to treat- one
  4. As BA has mentioned- at home stamping and or microneedling. If using at home roller - 0.5 mm will do. This will keep you motivated and thinking positively before you see Rullan. As for products in the CONTEXT or your scars? Save your money.
  5. Thank you for sharing. The measurement of success has to be quantitively measured - ie. objective photography, but the irony is that the greatest index is subjective improvement. Cannula subcision has much less collateral damage than Nokor. The reason why he did not give anaesthesia is that the plane of subcision is relative free of major nerves- hence it was bearable. Popping, release and snap can be sometimes heard, but most often felt. The use of filler is to act as a buffer, or to address t
  6. @baboonmute thank you for your post. I agree to disagree. Fraxel comes in 3 wavelengths - I assume you are talking about the Re:Pair - namely the big guns of the Fraxel family. This forum has one of the highest standing in the community due to hard working men and women like BA. This forum is designed as a place for constructive criticism and intellectual debate and provides hope in this cruel world of marketing, hype and confusion. It is not the realm of subjective hatred nor unfounded accusati
  7. This is a good question that needs to be addressed. Good specialists will always guide you as to the realistic expectations. Some guy once said 'acne scarring is more than skin deep'. This is so very true. The reason we primarily have our scars revised is for confidence - confidence in finding a life partner, confident on our job prospects and confidence around others. A good doctor will guide us to reach this point of self esteem. Can perfection be achieved? I would think the great scar revisio
  8. Your results and experiences with the two doctors has been invaluable for all. Excellent progress and documentation with all aspects of your journey. Keep fighting the good fight. Wishing you well .
  9. Agree that Rullan is the man to see in this area. Microneedling will help, along with at home devices. Your scars are predominately monomorphic box car scars- some narrow, some medium and some broad. Monomorphic scarring is a rare but good type to have. The reason is that with treatments such as TCA CROSS to narrow scars, angle co2 laser and RF microneedling, your scars will raise in height. Do this 2-3 times then fully ablative MAYBE an option. This type of scarring can yield a drastic improvem
  10. I have been absent for the past few months, but reviewing the pictures - here are my humble comments. 1. Regardless of the operator, the photos show textural changes- shallow scars, and in certain lighting deeper scars. The amount of tethering can ONLY be ascertained during the subcision procedure. 2. If atrophy is significant than the amount of filler MUST be substantial to correct. If tethering is minimal then subcision, especially applied in the traditional Nokor method or in one
  11. Rolling scars, box car scars- mixed narrow and broad, pick n ice pick scars, tethered scars - active acne with pustules and papules plus background oil production or seborrhoea. Possibly type 3 skin ???Usual recommendations - medical for consideration of OCP, Spiro, low dose isotret. for acne and oil. Then TCA CROSS, TCA paint, RF and energy microneedling. CO2 laser to walls of scar, and extensive subcision. 3-5 sessions the re-evaluate. Treat deep to superficial , respect your skin type . I wis
  12. Lim mentions he will be doing IG or YouTube live. I think this is good, because for all the patients with negative or positive results, the medical records can be shown online. This means a two sided viewpoint - balanced. As in his IG post, Lim is arrogant enough to say he discharges patients that don't get along with his personality type. Keep reinforcing BAs view point that patients should CHOOSE doctors they feel comfortable with, and not go with medial hype. In the scheme of skin treatments,
  13. The HARDEST thing about punch excision is not the procedure itself, its the aftercare. When the fine sutures are in, it looks great then and immediate after suture removal. You do need to tape the area for 4 weeks after, because a split scar looks awful. Just keep that in mind post operatively, as this will limit your activities, depending on how stick your surgeon is. Some surgeons/ dermatologist will refuse to do a punch IF they feel that compliance is an issue, as if the wound widens at say
  14. Guess its a good insight in regards to why dermatologist or plastic will not treat you, now we know. I still like BA suggestions, see a few dermatologist or plastics and stick to who think is best. Lim can be blunt as he is trying to cause a change in the Derm world. If you don't like his approach see someone you are more comfortable with. His presentations are always controversial as he challenges the mainstream though of scar revision by dermatologist and plastics. I guess you got to have som
  15. Maybe self limiting, if you can feel a lump- OK, if you can see the lump intervene. Massage, and time. Prof will use dilute A5 or A 10 injections, if mild -break down with saline injections. As habit I think all dermatologist should get haemostasis or no bleeding after subcsion. If bleed, vvvvvv easy to evacuate the clot. The good derms (not that Im saying Chu is not good, he's probably the master), will take their time to evacuate clots and re-check you don't bleed before you go. The bleed is u
  16. Marked atrophic on right jawline, plus right cheek. Possible tethering. You do need to see someone experienced as the scars cross the facial aa. , especially close to the jawline. Ideally subcsion followed by dilute cannula Sculptra jawline, and possibly HA or Sculptra in chosen 9 ml to 18 ml dilution. 22 G TSK cannula recommended due to possible fibrosis underneath. Subcise with HA filler superficially - filler acts as buffer, both cheeks. Also TCA 80-90 % to deep scars. Avoid punch excision as
  17. For reference you have you last post dated 9th of March , 4.5 years ago- you we were happy with the improvement (See below). Now in that 4.5 years you have deteriorated significantly. Compared to the '70% better post. ' 1. You had dermal grafting, by Dr Sinclair. You had the donor sites are from the back of your ear. 2. Tiny grafts we sliced and placed. A suture was used. Now, the suture mark were the donor site was taken from didn't go so good. But its not a
  18. You should try Dr Danny Lanzer in Melbourne, he does anything you want. As for Sculptra, Lim does this for atrophic scars in the correct setting. If you have too much tethering the collagen build up will give you a donut effect. If you really want a menu to choose from Dr Lanzer is the dermatologist of choice. If you want the truth Prof Goodman in Melbourne. We are all here to help you @tryinghard123 . If you want to invest in a face lift, the best person in Australia is Dr Mendelson, just tell
  19. I am a tech, I do all the AV for presentations and have a background in science. I have watched Lim present for the past 10 years in almost every conference, for someone who has 3 posts, your accusations are inappropriate. Please read my 373 post to understand who I am and my limitations. This forum is for the better good of people, and one to create a positive vibe, not a negative one. Not here to attack anyone including you as Scars really do suck. (There is a come back line here, but the mode
  20. 100% agree with the above. The box car scars can be hard to treat if one does not have experience. DO NOT punch any of these scars out. They can be markedly improved with angled CO2 to the sides and base, or TCA painted. Now, the forehead scars- see someone good for this. MANUAL scar directed needling is best, 2-3 sessions with saline. Then last session with DILUTE vvv dilute Botox to relax the muscles. You can end this with fully ablative laser if scars are shallow enough. See the correct peopl
  21. Might also be NQR - not quite right. Only the notes will reveal the truth, so @tryinghard123 its your call. If you are indeed correct, you have exposed a fraudster, but if you are not quite revealing the whole history, well its your respect you have to loose? How much is respect worth????????? No idea, in most patients eyes its priceless. Next move by Trying123 very hard indeed.
  22. I think @tryinghard123 has a valid point. Every person is entitled to their SUBJECTIVE option regarding their progress, however an OBJECTIVE one is needed. Saying zero percent is certainly a harsh call, however you maybe correct. Lim never ""pursues"" legal action, unlike many other doctors, he takes matters into his own hands by politely requesting if he can review your notes, and post everything online. Notes, photos, receipts of payment, and letter back to your doctor. This way it is transpar
  23. Agree with BA, 45 min plane trip and a train ride to Hammersmith. Ireland has a great reputation for World Class dermatologist like Dr Tony Egan who trained in Utah and Dr Gillian Murphy who trained in Medical photobiology in London, however they lack procedural dermatologist who are trained in experts in acne scarring. Prof Tony Chu is the man to see in UK- ethical, compassionate and skilled. Other experts like Dr Nick Lowe and Dr Griffiths took the path of least resistance, namely aesthetics.
  24. Yes, Russians and even Americans have done this OFF LABEL study by Merz. BA is correct, study was funded by Merz who owns both Ultherapy and Radiesse. This was presented in the Czech Republic 2 years ago at a World Summit Merz convention. American study had a much more conservative dilution, Russian study had vvvv dilute concentrations. American study was done in California by Dr Fabri, Russian study was done in a very different environment, however conclusions and outcomes the same. Australian
  25. Thanks @FredM for helping with the link. BA is superbusy with helping people since the shout out... all help will be greatly appreciated to keep his work load down. I'm doing my best to help, but BA stays up all night answering questions. We owe a huge gratitude to him for the dedication, passion and compassion he has for all the community out there. Even though @FredM has 7 post, this helps everyone . Many thanks. Your example has not gone overlooked.