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  1. Nature's cure rocks! :dance: I haven't been on in a while I was just looking at bookmarks I had saved and noticed this one.. I saw this thread and wanted to respond. Nature's cure actually saved my skin along with good ol bp. I take my pills, and wash at night with oxy 10% face wash and then nuetrogena on the spot bp all over a few times per week. I'm clear with just an occasional zit here and there. I would advise anyone to give the NC pills a try. I saw results immediately but I know s
  2. My bro and I use NC too and we love it. Our skin is so clear now and we've been on it 3 months and it keeps getting better every day. We don't use the cream, just the pills.
  3. Dr Dan's is by far the absolute best lip treatment. It was created by a Dr specifically for accutane patients. It has nothing in it that will irritate or burn your lips. You don't need to order it online, just go to your pharmacist and tell him to order it for you. It will be cheaper and you will have it in a day or two. You'll want at least two, that's how many I used during my 6 month accutane course. I love this stuff, you couldn't even tell my lips were suffering while on this stuff, becau
  4. Hey...is this what you're talking about? L'Oreal VIVE for Men 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Daily Thickening Nioxin..hands down. Expensive and sold only at salons. It will stop hairloss in it's tracks. Do that and deep conditon weekly. Lay off heat appliances.
  5. I would think taking 60 mg would have better effects on your skin, but I don't know the degree of acne you have. I'm on 60 mg now and I would classify mine as mild/moderate. I don't think drinking affects the way the drug works, but it's a precaution because it can increase the risk to your liver. Basically, my advice would be to avoid drinking as much as possible. It's usually only a 5 month course anyways. I would think taking 60 mg would have better effects on your skin, but I d
  6. I was on claravis and I relapsed after 6 months. I know 2 others, who were on Claravis and relapsed. Fellow classmate took accutane and he's been clear for 3 years now. Coincidence?
  7. Completely false. http://www.holisticwisdom.com/article_holistic_dairy.htm "There is no need for animal milk in the human diet, other than human mother's milk for infants. There are many good non-dairy sources of calcium, not just tofu and broccoli as some news articles may lead you to believe. Look at the facts in layman's terms. Americans eat huge amounts of dairy products: pizza, ice cream, and other dairy treats are heavily advertised and almost universally enjoyed. Yet, we have a high r
  8. I apologize...I actually love animals, really I do. I don't consider myself close minded. I just haven't seen anything substantial to prove that milk is as evil as all these anti-milk groups are claiming. I know there are hormones in milk, and that is why I limit my intake. I also know that the best source of calcium comes from milk. You won't get as much from any other source. I do think for myself...that's why I am not going to buy into some studies and anti-milk groups. I wil