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  1. yes you can buy cetaphil products in canada (shopper's, london drugs...). You can also buy neutrogena on the spot here too. I would recommend buying dan's bp. even with the regular ground shipping to canada it works out cheaper than the neutrogena. Also, for a skin cleanser, I suggest Spectro Jel (pretty sure u can get it at shoppers and london drugs). good luck
  2. Abeazy, my acne didn't get any better while I was on the regimen up until about 3 MONTHS in. I almost quit a couple of times. Then it was a pretty sudden change and my acne is about 90% better now (4 months in). I think you just need to keep with it for a while longer. Good luck.
  3. hempseed.ca is a good place to get hemp products
  4. hey just stick with it Bonicus. I am just starting to see some good results after about six weeks. Maybe try two applications a day. good luck.
  5. ndnromeo, where did you get the idea soy can affect acne? I have never heard this.I'm curious because I recently stopped drinking milk and replaced it with soy milk to see if it will improve my skin.
  6. if this is because the bp has damaged my skin then will the pore size reduce over time? should i cut back the amout of bp? i am using about 1/2 finer on my forehead.thanks
  7. cetaphil gentle cleanser, dans bp, and cetaphil lotion
  8. i've been on dan's regimen for about 5 weeks and apply the bp only to my forehead. For the last couple weeks i have noticed the size of the pores on my forehead seem huge. Is this normal?
  9. ok, thanks for the advice. I'll just keep doing what i am now and give it more time.
  10. Hi, I've been following dan's regimen for 3 weeks now and haven't seen any improvements. I gradually increased the bp and i am now using the full amount (dan's bp). I am using the cetaphil lotion mositurzer and their gentle face wash. Would switching to dan's moisturizer help or should i just give it more time?