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  1. Today I will be undergoing another test run with a much more invasive procedure involving a very potent local anesthetic. My hope is that we will demolish much more of the scar tissue and apply the acell this way. An open wound is key, so I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers today and throughout the week for a proper time of healing. Stay tuned.
  2. The procedure was done with lasers and the results are not meeting my expectations. The wound created was nothing more than a superficial abrasion. The doctor's reasoning is that they want the option of ACell to be more accessible and demonstrable through usage of nothing more than a numbing cream and laser treatments. Unfortunately, this will not eliminate the skin tissue necessary to treat any kind of scarring. I meet with the doc once more on Monday for a follow up, but I need to somehow conv
  3. Apologies for my absence. The procedure is underway tomorrow. Luckily, I won't have to do much personal documentation as my lovely doctor will be providing Youtube footage with the completed procedure. I will post the link hopefully by the end of this month. Happy 4th to all of you and keep your hopes and prayers directed at me!
  4. The ACell has been obtained (in bulk for some reason unbeknownst to myself). The procedure will be underway in the next two weeks (have I said this before? Oh well, knock knock knock). Seriously, this time the surgery is a-go and I'm just waiting on a call which should be incoming Monday.
  5. The doctor who I am testing ACell with is also associated with AFIRM. If our trial is successful, hopefully the cure will be brought to these sufferers in the forces more speedily. I definitely feel more for our wounded troops than myself. It would be great to contribute to their recovery in some way.
  6. I apologize for the delay thus far everyone. I contacted my doctor last Monday to confirm that the order had been placed. It just so happens that the responsibility had been handed off to a different associate in the office, so the order has been placed since last Monday or Tuesday. I won't mislead any longer and tack on my rough estimates of time as this is an extremely delicate process. Remember from before that I mentioned this case my doctor has agreed to take on is strictly pro bono. Everyt
  7. I feel for you wholeheartedly. I sympathize as well and am praying that you can find confidence as you age. With experience, everyone finds their place. I'm twenty one years old and have so long to go before I can even think of socially maturing. Sure I have scarring, but from the age of six to sixteen, I was pretty obese and generally unacceptable to the typical clique in my highly exclusive private schools. I had a bit of an in by the time I entered public high school, but of course my parents
  8. Skepticism is at the forefront of doctor's minds these days when it comes to regenerative medicine. As far as full thickness wounds are concerned, this product has shown great improvement in the scarring response, but not enough to warrant any excitement in mainstream medicine. I believer that this product still has some aging before it has been tested to it's fullest. In my opinion, this product will work best on mild defects like typical rolling acne scarring and stretch marks. It is not out o
  9. Go more in depth with your prospective doctors. Your surgeon is enormously mistaken to liken ACell to something so unequivocally less potent. I would go as far as to say that the surgeon you met with has either never used the product before, or he has used it incorrectly as is the typical case today. Bacitracin is a topical antibiotic for God's sake. ACell works completely naturally to effect healing rather than just kill bacteria to stifle typical scarring response. The porcine derivative is de
  10. It's on you to find a doctor willing to try this. I just happened to find a caring doctor who is interested enough to experiment with me as a pro brono case. We will be conducting this trial very soon, but it has taken a while to obtain the ACell as it has been out of stock. That is a good sign in my opnion.
  11. ACell consists of scientists, not active medical practitioners. It's on us to get evidence as to it's efficacy. Number one bit of advice is to get off your ass and get talking to doctors in your area. Everyone needs to be pulling their weight and not just coming to these boards and complaining that a certain medicinal may or may not be the answer. Given the circumstances, we all just need to roll with it and get out there and try new things. The more people we have serving up everything with the
  12. 1. I will not be keeping a personal photo journal. My doctor will have before and after shots, but that's the stint of it. I will share these photos as soon as the result is obtained, good or bad. 2. No comment. Edit: Yes, I will provide the doctor's name if this trial renders good results.
  13. Stretch mark depth varies from person to person and between different layers. There is no set depth, but it will not be invasive enough to necessitate "put under" anesthesia. These marks are older (silver/ whitish appearance). Theoretically, as with all skin imperfections, removing the overwhelmed portion of scarred skin in a specified area will be sufficient if a powerful supplement like pure ECM is used.
  14. Strike one. Read the first post like the thread title says.
  15. We'll be starting with two of the deeper defects on my hip area and then work our way up to the acne scarring. I'm estimating approximately a week before the first trial is under way.