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  1. Yeh its felt this way for some time now. I always used products which classed they would exfoliate my skin, so i thought it was possibly down to this but im not to sure really. I can cleanse my face in the morning, and then when ive been at work for an hour my face can feel quickly go back to that horrible feeling.
  2. so waterwater how's it going? Is all the dead skin gone and acne improving? I've been doing this for 2 days and so far a lot of my clogged pores are getting inflamed ;/ IB maybe?
  3. Yes, raw milk hasn't been processed thus all the good stuff is still a life and it's great for you. I envy you being able to get it ^^
  4. I really think you're overwashing your face 2x a day with lots of acids and scrubs is total overkill
  5. Try topical ACV mixed with hydrogen peroxide 3% solute. 1 part ACV 1 part HP and 8 parts water. Trust me this will get shit out of your face. Mandelic did not help me, although I did like the product it's not nearly as effective as the mix I gave you, and cheaper.
  6. It did it to me aswell, I still enjoy sex very much I'm just not thinking about it every single day like I used to. I'm happy with the change, I used to be way too horny
  7. I've heard peanuts are bad for acne. Go for ALMOND butter, it tastes awesome and is great for the skin.
  8. They're safe and very effective. Although don´t just rely on cleanses, cleaning up your diet is extremely vital
  9. I have one small pimple on my temple and its almost gone, everything else is completely clear. I rinsed my face last night for the first time since friday, I do that now about every 3 to 5 days and I'm staying really clear. Are you oily or dry? You used to be oily and dry right? I'm doing a softcore version of what you guys are doing. All I do spray my face with ACV morning and night, no rubbing, I just leave it on. I just love it too much.. It does great things for my acne and redmarks.
  10. I'm seeing some pretty impressive results. It's too early to shout hurray though
  11. The point is to do nothing that strips your skin or makes it dry
  12. Water and Ipod give us daily status of your skin please
  13. http://www.skinema.com/Act1Acne.html that cheered me up to be honest, not because I'm a dick it's just nice to see that it's something that most people go through