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  1. Did you have acne before starting differin? I had acne but BP cleared it up but my derm put me on adaplene for PIH. It's been like 2-3 weeks and I see a few fade. Should I expect an IB even though I never had a bad case of acne even while starting differin
  2. Retin a cuts down on your skin layers. Maybe that's why it appears that way. Once the layers regenerate, it should be fine. Maybe ask your doctor for a lower dose retinoid? Hows it going now?
  3. Yeah it's too early. It's what they call an initial breakout on differin. Wait until week 5, it should stop. And improvement should be seen after 8-12 weeks. If possible could you post pictures of you before differin?
  4. Anyone? still have the little red bump on left upper cheek. Been a week probably. Noticed another ones been rising since 3 days but it's more or less flat and just looks like pih unless stated at. This is a lot considering I was almost clear a few days back. Is this what they call purging?
  5. So I used to have mild-Moderate acne. (Since i was 14 yo). I think it's pretty genetic since my mum had it too. Didn't really care about it until I was 17, and went to a derm 6 months back who put me on BP. Been using BP since 4-5 months and has cleared me up close to completely except PIH and a few skin colored bumps. Then, I went for a follow up around 2 weeks back, and he told me to stop using all products and put me on Adaplene (Differin). Oh, and he also prescribe me a Salicylic acid 2% wa