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  1. Thanks again, was just gonna ask which moisturiser to use then saw your post. I will be sure to post before and after pics as well.
  2. Thank you Minerva. He also mentioned the spray bottle. Another couple of points, I had a slight cyst on my left cheekbone that cleared up about 2 months ago. It is still slightly depressed. Should it be ok to get the rolling done over it? I will mention this to the doc when I see him. I was on accutane acouple of years ago which cleared my skin, but too much smoking, late nights and I had a slight flare up, rare but it happened. I guess now would also be a good time to stop smoking.
  3. hi, can't remember his name and it isn't on the appointment card. He is an Asian Dr, about late 30's I'd say.
  4. So did I but I read that someone on here had it done. So I found a gp, got referred, then got referred again to Hammersmith. I also spoke to Dr Chu by email (after i'd been referred) and he said I could get subc and derma on the nhs. When I spoke to the Doc at Hammersmith he told me lasers (expensive ones anyway) can't be done on the nhs, but for some reason dermarolling can be.
  5. 1) I have rolling scars, ice pick and everything else. The roller doesn't target specific areas so how can it work? 2) What is the healing time? 3) The Doc (at hammersmith) advised against subcision as it "can change the structure of the skin". Is that true? I've only heard good things about subcision. Thanks for your replies.
  6. Hi all, I'm currently saving up to have subcision and tca cross done (best procedures after many hours of research on this site). Hopefully should be getting it done within 3-6 months depending on cost etc... The reason I am posting this is to get advice from people who have had these procedures done and tell me the pros and cons. If you had any of the procedures done in London, England that would be great too because that is where I live. I have a couple of rolling scars on my left cheek, so
  7. Hi, I'd read it on a discussion board somewhere else. Initially about how massaging scars is a common method of reducing scar tissue. A bit more of a search recommended emu oil or swedish bitters. If you do a google search on "massaging cars" or "massaging scars swedish bitters" there are tons of results. However it may just be a way of dealing with fresh scars.
  8. Hi, I've read that massaging scars (even old) can help improve the appearance of them. Also something about using emu oil or swedish bitters can also improve discolouration and possibly raise scars. Again the few places I have seen this recomends massaging the scars as well. Has anyone tried any of these things? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I went to see an nhs doctor who is referring me to a derm for my acne scarring. My biggest issues are rolling scars, not so bothered about the ice pick and boxcar(sic) scars (at the moment anyway Will I be able to suggest Dr Chu once I see the derm as someone who is recommended? Or will I just have to go with whoever he/she may send me to? If anyone who has been on the nhs for scar treatment can give me some advice I would be grateful. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, Firstly, great site and what a great positive community for people suffering from acne and the resulting scars / blemishes. Well my story in short, suffered from acne (including cystic) since about 14/15 right up to 24/25. Had periods of clear skin but it always came back. Tried treating with anti biotics at 21 and they worked until I stopped taking them. Took roaccutane at 24/25 and it has cleared up for good. I'm now 27 and still clear Now I'm left a bit scarred and if anyone could
  11. Hi, first time poster and just want to say well done to everyone here for providing so much information. I found, through this site, a place called bio2clinic, which specialises in needling for removal of ice pick and other scars. The consultation is free and a cost of 50 squids is payable for a trial needling. Just want to know if anybody has tried this place or other professional needlers and if it is worth it? I have mostly ice pick and a few rolling scars. Also I smoke I can see the sp